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Published: November 5, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Dallas 4 Hey, Cowboy! I'm Dallas, a southern belle straight off the farm with cut-off shorts that show off my great ass and a twangy accent most guys find absolutely adorable. I tie my shirts in front to show off my belly and put the twins on display! Growing up on the farm taught me about hard work and gettin' down and dirty! The brand of dirty I’ve found in Vegas is quite the change of pace! I never thought I’d be here, but I’m so happy to be learning something new every day. At just 21, I lack the level of experience older escorts have. But what I lack in experience is made up for by my tenacity and grit. I’m a determined damsel and won’t do you wrong.

Dallas 4 I would love to come dance for you and show you the best in Southern hospitality. We southerners are known for making a person feel right at home, so why be alone today? Allow me to show you that this bustling city never fails to surprise…you wouldn’t expect to find a country bumpkin in this neon paradise, but I’m proof that escorts in Vegas are a diverse bunch! I can visit your hotel room and lavish you with attention like no one ever has. I'm cute as a June bug, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get quite a kick out of my wacky sense of humor and they way I use all my assets to my advantage. I may be a little green, but I may just surprise you when I’m in the saddle!

Dallas 4 First I'll encourage you to make yourself comfortable while you sit back and watch these shorts down my long legs as I’m wigglin' my round ass in your smiling face. You can be the one to untie my shirt and release my plump breasts from their confines. I’ll even let you free my long blonde hair from its ponytail. What sort of gentleman are you? What do you want from your tantalizing tumbleweed? Think about it, then call me. After we have our fun, you can send me on my way or take me out into the city. I am sure we will work up a hearty appetite, so dinner is not a bad idea. After dinner, we can return to the room to work off our meal. The point is, the night is yours. It is for you to decide what you want and how you want it.

Dallas 4 We have a saying down on the farm: when the bull roams to another pasture, he needs a cow to help him out. So is it true? While you are in town, do you need someone to assist you in relieving some tension? Are you here to sow some wild oats? If so, call on me. I can wash away that loneliness you are feeling. Whether you want me for an hour or the whole night, I am yours for the taking. We can stay out all night and see the city and its wonders then stay in all morning watching the sunrise and the dew form on the windows. Sometimes the best mornings are spent lounging in bed after a late night. So why not have some company instead of being alone? I promise you, one hour with me and you will be screaming songs of the south! Call me now, I am waiting for a stud looking to mount a young filly. Is that you?