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Those considering reserving time with a beauty often weigh their options in the Vegas Escort industry, and one such option is utilizing a service dedicated to connecting men and couples with high-class companions who provide enchanting private strip shows. Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts is one such service, and we hope to be your choice when you slate time with a stunning stripper who bestows an awesome custom striptease. There are other Vegas escort services, but few have the same longevity in the industry as we do. The reasons for our success are several, but the main aspects are our dedication to client satisfaction and aligning with some of the most gorgeous, captivating ladies in Sin City.

What Is a Vegas Escort Service

You know you want to treat yourself to some eye candy and pampering in the comfort of your accommodations, but you may not understand how a using a service differs from working with independent escorts in Vegas. A service works on your behalf in a multitude of ways, the most important being the screening process. Trusted services ensure that each and every dancer is licensed with the city. This should matter to you, as there are many girls working independently who neglect their duty to become licensed outcall entertainers. When you seek to enjoy yourself to the fullest, you do not want to associate with a performer who cuts corners in any area.

Sexy mavens profiled here are licensed and submit to all of the standards set by local government. Another important factor is that we interview perspective dancers at length to ensure they are well-rounded, interesting ladies who will keep our discerning clientele engaged. Admirable looks are not all that matter when you enjoy a customized performance. If a woman is dull and lifeless, you may still have a decent time, but not as much fun. Women of substance, who also happen to be physically dazzling, are the sort of people selective men wish to meet. There are no wallflowers among the Vegas escorts profiled here.

As soon as you touch down in this marvelous city, you are bombarded with advertising from Vegas escort services. We would not deserve our reputation as being America’s adult playground if we were not teeming with beautiful women! You will undoubtedly encounter teaser pricing in some cases, but keep in mind, the fees that seem too terrific to be true, are. You can expect to spend about what you would during a night at a gentlemen’s club when you call us to arrange a date with any of the bombshells on this website.

What to Expect When Calling

When you call, you can make a request for someone specific, or you can fill us in on your requirements, and we will make a suggestion based on the details. We are constantly striving to influence our clients to rely on us again, so we tend to details with perfection. We have one shot to make a first impression, and so do our Vegas escorts. Therefore we collectively work toward maintaining our favorable image. We have been around for quite some time, and we are the business men trust when nothing but the best will do.

Once you have scheduled time with a dancer, you are free to sit back and ready yourself for a personalized show that surpasses strip club routines. When the show is for you only, the feeling is fantastic. There are no men vying for your stripper’s attention, and her focus remains on you and making you glad to have called. After you have placed the call, you can be confident your selection will arrive looking like a perfect ten, in both appearance and demeanor. These darlings are outstanding members of our community who just happen to be first-rate pleasure facilitators when working as Vegas escorts and greeting our deserving male visitors in a special way.

If it is your first time calling, rest assured that your chosen cutie will put you at ease. It is okay to be nervous, but when you work with a class act, such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, the difference is in the details. Your personal particulars are never shared with a third party, and we do not call you unless you have requested we do so. A drawback to working with a non-agency girl is that you never know if she is going to contact you later or sell your identifying information. Without an agency overseeing conduct, a lot of negative variables come into play with independents.

Online Vegas Escort Ads

There are many ways to find Vegas escorts online, and one of the more popular channels is The Erotic Review, or TER. This is a platform on which adult entertainers advertise, but there is a common misconception that individuals catalogued there are overseen by TER. They are not, as it is simply an online classifieds platform. Independents advertise on TER, just as they have on Backpage and Craigslist in the past. There are some quality ladies to be found there, but not in a large number. One of the most common complaints about Vegas escorts on TER is that they flake on visits or show up late. This is no way to conduct business, and unfortunately, men waste time dealing with flakers more often than they should.

If you refer to ads on TER, you will need to check out reviews on your own, but if you work with us, we have already gone to great lengths to ensure your doll is a class act. When your time matters, the only thing that makes sense is trusting a well-established service and the divine women who are referred by the business. You will never be left waiting, and once she arrives, you will not see her watching the clock, which is a refreshing change compared to others who have reputations for being clock-watchers.

When you reach out to Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, we arrange for you to revel in a rousing and inspired private show that is designed around your good taste. The entire affair will prove to be one of the grandest encounters of your life. Yes, the females unearthed here are that amazing! From blonde sirens, to bookish brunettes, we have someone on hand who reflects your concept of perfection. Take a long look at the photos of these sophisticates, then jump at the chance to make one of them all yours. We assure you there is no finer adult indulgence in town.