Escorts in Las Vegas come in all forms, and one of the most elusive is the married Vegas escort. Understandably, few married women see escorting as a viable career path. However, a small handful of alluring wedded women and MILFs work as escorts in Las Vegas. Their motivations vary, but they are all similar in their capabilities to satiate the men who find married Vegas escorts the ultimate turn-on. Bunnies of Las Vegas is happy to provide introduction to a multitude of married companions.

Who Seeks Married Escorts in Las Vegas

Reasons differ, but one client type is the married man seeking companionship with a like-minded female escort. He feels a married woman has greater understanding of his motivation for seeking sensuality outside of marriage. And the fact is, she will. All of our illustrious escorts, even the singles, respect the fact men sometimes face declined romantic reciprocation from their spouses and look outside their marriages to fulfill needs. Zero judgement comes from any of our entertainers, including our teenage companions, but if you feel most comfortable with a married Vegas escort, no problem! We’ll hook you up with a married maven who will rock your world and never be the kind to kiss and tell.

Another reason men seek married escorts in Las Vegas is simply for the taboo of being with a woman who is otherwise attached. The taboo aspect is alluring to some, and our hitched hotties are honored to share their naughty secret with a man possessing a fondness for forbidden fruit. Is it true forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest? Sample one of our sinfully sweet married Vegas escorts to find out for sure! One call to 1 (725) 312-2762 is all it takes to request one of our saucy spouses or any of our other erotic entertainers.

Men are not the sole clientele of our married Las Vegas escorts. Select couples looking to fulfill a fantasy opt for someone who is also married because there is an underlying assumption she will best understand how sexual relationships need recharging and be the ideal third party to add to their Vegas exploits. Married Vegas escorts are a great option for couples, but definitely not the only option. Many find our gay female escorts to be a rewarding addition because they are excellent at making both halves of the couple feel completely comfortable and engaged in the experience.

Hot Wives in Las Vegas

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Though not technically a part of escort terminology, the term hot wife refers to a woman who has sexual relations with men other than her husband, with her husband’s complete approval. This arrangement satisfies the husband’s driven desire to share his wife with others. Many couples with this relationship dynamic are open-minded enough for the wife to also work asan escort. Open marriages are not the case with all of our married Vegas escorts, but they are for some.

Likewise, some are active in the Las Vegas swingers’ scene. Swingers have differing rules for play and are by definition couples engaging in sexual encounters with others in full swapping or soft swapping scenarios. This open relationship concept makes jealousy less prevalent which is why it is no surprise many married escorts in Las Vegas are active in the swinging community. Monogamy isn’t for everyone, and swingers truly embrace those with sexual curiosities.

While open relationships are prevalent among escorting wives and their husbands, this is not always the case. Some couples simply see escorting as a prudent career move due to the handsome income and flexible scheduling. Some of our MILF companions appreciate the fact they do not have to work outside the home full-time and can slip out for a few hours while bringing home an honorable supplemental income. Being reminded how sexy they are on a weekly basis is just an added fringe benefit!

The Most Famous of Married Escorts in Las Vegas

December 2012 was when the most famous married Las Vegas escort was revealed to the world. Decorated distance runner and three-time Olympian, Suzy Favor Hamilton, was reported to have been working under the pseudonym Kelly Lundy in Las Vegas. Upon admitting to leading two starkly different lifestyles, the mother and wife said, “I am not a victim here, and I knew what I was doing.” She claims her husband was aware of her double life as a Vegas escort, and the two remain married. Favor Hamilton hasn’t explained her motivation to delve into the adult industry, but is expected to shed light on the topic in her upcoming memoir Fast Girl: Running From Madness due to be released in June 2015.

Sexual preferences are diverse, and reasoning behind predilections is not necessary to define. Acting on impulses and engaging in fetishes and kinks are signs of sexual confidence and not deviance. At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we cater to anyone wanting a break from the expected with a masterful companion who embraces the forbidden and refuses to adhere to society’s unwritten rules. Give us a call at 1 (725) 312-2762 to fill us in on how we can help you bend the rules.