Naming an industry unaltered by the Internet is next to impossible. The escort industry is no exception. The biggest online industry influence is the inception of escort forums. Such forums allow self-described hobbyists the opportunity to discuss the escort scene in their respective cities while also leaving reviews for providers they have seen.

Those understanding the difference between independent escorts and an escort service recognize the risks associated with trusting an unlicensed independent escort. Reading reviews lessens the likelihood of an adverse situation occurring when meeting a woman working independently. Common complaints among hobbyists about independent escorts include lateness, no-shows, chronic flakiness and a general lackluster performance.

The Erotic Review

The Erotic Review, or TER, is the pioneer in escort forums. Established in 1999 by founder David Elms, TER was the first online community for escorts and the men who frequent them. Elms, an admitted hobbyist, conceptualized the site design after a poor encounter with an escort. He felt strongly that hobbyists should be able to discuss poor performances in an effort to weed out subpar providers.

Since TER’s creation, other like sites have popped up. While none equal the popularity of TER, other recognized escort forums include Adultfax and USA Sex Guide. The basic model for TER is to grant users a complimentary basic membership while paid users are privy to extra features such as access to full reviews and advanced site search options.

Defining the Value of Escort Forums

Hobbyists recognize the value of escort forums in that they allow members to outline details of disappointing service. Much like mainstream review sites such as Yelp, TER and the like allow astute hobbyists to avoid those with less-than-stellar reviews. The model works well, but it is not without flaw.

Members are operating under the assumption all reviews are honest and not fabricated. This is not always the case. One’s experience with an escort may not mirror the experience of another hobbyist’s. Fees may not be accurately detailed, and it is ideal to verify cost with the provider rather than relying on prices mentioned in reviews.

Incidents of law enforcement monitoring escort forums are rumored to be true. Police have used Backpage and sites that allow for reviews and escort advertising to organize stings. Anyone using an escort forum should be not be overly forthcoming with personal details.

Provider Reactions to Escort Forums.

Escorts are mixed in their reactions to review sites. While they recognize the benefit of free advertising and the comfort levels positive reviews garner, they are also leery of fake reviews. Many report having suffered marred public relations due to a disgruntled client’s negative review. It takes next to nothing for a reviewer to attempt to negotiate a better deal in exchange for a better review. This type of strong-arming never works and is not fair to providers. Such behavior reflects poorly on legitimate reviewers.

Ideally, hobbyists would not bring escort forums up at all when spending time with an escort. The primary reason for this is that many regular online reviewers are not repeat clients. They are more focused on amassing more reviews online than seeking a quality escort they will see again. Hinting at one’s plan to leave a review before the conclusion of the meeting is counterproductive as doing so means running the risk of the escort knowing this is a one-off encounter and aiming for repeat business is futile.

Another significant reason to not mention escort forums or posting reviews is because it detracts from the encounter making it feel more business than luxury. A quality, high end escort is going to approach every encounter with her best foot forward in all situations. Mentioning escort forums is akin to saying the wrong thing on a date and will not impress an escort.

Escorts wish there was a better way to combat inaccurate reviews. Currently, a provider can ask a site to remove a review, but this results in said provider not being able to advertise on the site. Most believe a platform for public rebuttal is the most fair, and currently, the widely used escort forums lack such a feature.

Blacklist Sites for Escorts

On the flip side, escorts do have outlets to share reviews of bad clients. One such outlet is This site is especially valuable to independent escorts lacking agency backing. Escorts are free to post details of abuse or any less severe form of client misbehavior. With a feature coined QuikALERTS, escorts are notified when a posting is made about someone in their area. Membership to this escort forum is not free. Bad reviews are not able to be removed from National Blacklist even if a client has made things right with a provider.

An alternative site, is a free site and allows for posting of bad experiences but also allows for review removal if a client has rectified the situation. The site lacks an alert feature, but registered escorts can search phone numbers to see if potential clients are listed.

For both clients and escorts, escort forums listing poor behavior from either side are a valuable tool but do put both sides at risk for a poor, permanent online review. Working with an escort service is ideal because a service vets both clients and escorts, better ensuring a positive experience.

Cases of poor client behavior are handled internally at most services, and escorts from Bunnies of Las Vegas do not use client blacklist sites. They instead let us rectify any situations they feel are unjust. While we have no control over where clients leave reviews for the Vegas escorts we refer, our preference is for clients to leave reviews directly on our site so that we are certain not to miss them.

For the safety and well-being of independent escorts and their clients, escort forums are valuable to weed out those who are not playing nice. We’re glad they exist to protect both sides. That said, we also feel strongly that anyone looking for a great time with an escort in Las Vegas should use a trusted service such a Bunnies of Las Vegas. We have assembled a collection of professional Vegas escorts who do not employ shoddy business practices and can be trusted to be professional, beautiful and nothing short of a great time. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule time with a Vegas escort at 1 (725) 312-2762 or by using our contact form.