Hot, eager cougar escorts in Las Vegas are the targets of countless men of varying ages and demographics. Why do men flock to sexy mature escorts, affectionately referred to as cougars? Ronnie McDowell said it best with his 1981 chart-topper, Older Women. Ahead of its time, this ballad by the country western crooner states, “Older women are beautiful lovers…they understand…they know just how to please a man.” Though any man actively pursuing a captivating cougar today was probably just a sparkle in his father’s eye upon the release of the country cougar anthem, the adage certainly still applies.

Cougar escorts differ from their younger counterparts in many ways. Celebrating these differences, men seeking the ultimate sexual experience seek out cougars to grant them an unforgettable encounter chock-full of passion, fire and release with no strings attached. No longer deemed a fetish or taboo, seeking older women is a fine choice for a guy with desires and sex drive unmatched by younger, inexperienced lovers.

Late to the Game

A common misconception about cougar escorts is that they are simply life-long escorts for hire who have aged out of billing themselves as young, attractive companions. This couldn’t be further from the truth! More often than not, cougar escorts in Vegas have decided at a later age to delve into the world of high-end escorting for a variety of reasons:

-They have ended a long-term relationship or marriage and have decided to unleash their sexuality. Often, they’ve spent years repressing their sexuality in the confines of a dulled relationship and are now seeking to explore their desires in a setting where younger men seek them out for their elite level of experience an confidence.

-Select cougars wish to share the company of a distinguished gentleman without the complications of dating. 20-somethings are not the only men requesting time with a cougar escort in Vegas. Many men in their 30s and beyond want an older companion because she is more relatable and can provide a more genuine GFE. In this situation, a cougar escort is able to be socially active while not committing beyond one shared evening. Many single women age 40 and over are not looking for marriage. They have been there, done that and now just want to have a good time.

-Women sexually peak later in life than males. What’s a woman to do when she is ready to explore sexual freedoms but cannot find an eager partner? Escorting allows a cougar to experiment and remind herself what it’s like to engage in sexual dalliances with younger men and adventurous men near her age.

It’s worth noting that most VIP cougar escorts in Vegas are successful in mainstream careers with escorting being an outlet for their sensuality more than an occupation they are financially dependent upon. They are sexually awakened when sharing their meticulously maintained bodies with men possessing a genuine appreciating for women aged like fine wine!

Eager Teachers

Cougar escorts and MILF escorts have been with men of varied ages and have learned how to read their partners. They understand the wants and needs of a man, and unseasoned lovers stand to gain an education from their cougar teachers! When presented with an attractive woman who is a sure thing to get naked, it’s common to want to lift off directly to the explosive conclusion. Cougars demand patience and will teach gung-ho guys that patience is a virtue, and seduction is an art. Cherished cougars remind us that half the fun is in getting there.

What’s Changed

Anybody who tries to sell you on the fact men are just now starting to notice the value of mature lovers is feeding into a falsehood. Men have always been attracted to older women. A significant reason is older women such as teachers, neighbors and women in upper-management when a guy is launching his career are unobtainable. The forbidden fruit is the sweetest. And the hottest.

What has changed is the social attitudes toward younger men being into older women. The practice is considered less illicit than it was as little as a decade ago upon the release of Stacy’s Mom, a song likely recalled more readily by you younger readers. Cougar hunters no longer have to keep their fondness closeted as they will be applauded by their peers for capturing a catamount.

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