Reputable Las Vegas escort services are forced to dodge accusations of employing the truth behind bait and switch practices. Such accusations are brought on by the fact that even the most respected Las Vegas escort services, including as Bunnies of Las Vegas, utilize model photos for escort profiles. Understanding the logic behind this decision enables clients to understand this is for the protection of all parties involved.

Real Las Vegas Escort Photos

Should we, or any other like escort services, use real escort photos, escorts’ anonymity would be compromised. In effort to keep identities private in online profiles, model photos that are a close representation of the escort are used.

It is indeed responsible behavior to omit genuine face photos in online profiles, and companies opting to use real photos do not celebrate longevity in the business. This is because the quality of women not thinking ahead to years they will no longer be working as an escort in Vegas or their current well-being are working irresponsibly. Not working responsibly in this area means they likely fall short in other areas as well.

The real bait and switch occurs when handbills and online ads claim to showcase real Las Vegas escort photos. More times than not, this is quite simply false advertising and the real definition of Las Vegas escort bait and switch. Additionally, such companies are most likely practicing up-charging by touting a low price that changes after a set amount was agreed to between the client and entertainer.

There are too many sub-par Las Vegas escort services operating today, and we seek to assist you in making a proper determination befitting your desire for professionalism and discretion.

Protecting the Privacy of Our Las Vegas Escorts

Bunnies of Las Vegas young ladies lead professional, fulfilling lives outside escorting and do not seek to compromise their privacy, as it could lead to unfavorable consequences in their day-to-day lives or future goals.

Regular news reports showcase countless quality individuals suffering job discrimination due to pasts in the adult industry. Future employers may look at a person who has enjoyed a few years working in the adult industry as an unfavorable new hire despite the fact the adult industry leaves many young adults debt-free post-college and ready to focus fully on their long-term, mainstream careers.

Because we care greatly about the present lives and futures of every escort we refer, we remain steadfast in keeping their likenesses off the Internet, so they are free to transition to a mainstream profession without concern about their tenure as an escort in Las Vegas affecting long-term career goals.

One question we ask our clients to ask themselves is do they want a girl that’s walking up and down Las Vegas Blvd. or would they rather have the forbidden fruit, the college school girl needing to keep her identity private, the drop dead gorgeous wife that has her “side work”, the sexy business woman doing this because she loves entertaining clients wanting erotic services? Lastly, quite often when porn stars fly in to work with Bunnies, many times they also request that we not use their real photos for their own reasons.

Dedication to Discretion

Bunnies of Las Vegas believes in full disclosure, as any trustworthy escort service should. This is why we are forthcoming about the reasons we use model photographs in our escort profiles. Any entity claiming escort photos are genuine is most likely lying, or does not care about the security of the young ladies they refer. This is irresponsible behavior in either instance.

Do you really want to work with a company possessing little to no regard for privacy and discretion for you or their escorts? Protecting our escorts’ anonymity is a reflection of the level of discretion and professionalism practiced in every aspect of the business here at Bunnies of Las Vegas. Just as we respect your desire for discretion, we afford our young ladies the same courtesy.

You Will Not be Disappointed

Bunnies of Las Vegas works hard to find models bearing striking resemblances to the actual escorts. The fine young lady arriving at your door is going to be remarkably similar to the photo you were enamored with when you browsed her profile. You are certain to enjoy the company of your selected escort because she will be charming, sophisticated and a total bombshell. Our dedication remains providing top-notch girls for your pleasure, which is why we do all we can to ensure we retain quality ladies wanting to be represented by us. This is a great benefit to us, and most importantly, to you.

Give us a call at 1 (725) 312-2762 so we can arrange for a red-hot escort to pay you a visit and make the next few hours fulfilling and memorable. Or, if you’d like, use our contact form here to forward any questions, and we will answer promptly.