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The world of escorts has become increasingly more popular over the years, and one of the best facts about Las Vegas Escorts is that there's an escort for every client taste and preference. For example, many male clients seek beautiful female escorts. They are the escorts that many people immediately think of. However, some male clients seek escorts outside of the typical straight, female category. Transgender Escorts are a fundamental part of the escort community, and they provide a valuable service for gay, bisexual, transgendered and even straight males.

TS, TV, and Shemale

There are three distinct groups of Transgender Escorts - Transsexuals (TS), Transvestites (TV) and Shemales. The first group is Transsexuals. These escorts identify as members of the sex opposite of their own whether they are male escorts or female escorts. Sometimes hormone therapy or sexual reassignment therapy is involved in the identification, but sometimes not. The second group is Transvestites or cross-dressers. There is no hormone therapy or sexual reassignment therapy associated with this group of escorts. Transvestites simply enjoy dressing in clothing associated with the sex opposite of their own. The last group is Shemales. These escorts have their original male genitalia as well as female breasts acquired through augmentation or hormones.

Due to the negative perceptions of some people in society, it's far more difficult to be a transgendered person than a straight person. However, being with a Transgender Escort gives a client the opportunity to experience that world confidentially and without judgment. It doesn't matter if the client is straight, gay or bisexual. The only thing that's important to an escort is to give him the quality experience he expects and deserves.

Transgender Companionship

For men who are interested in spending time with a woman, who is in actuality a man, Transgender Escorts are an easy, non-judgmental way to do it. Not only will a client not be judged or criticized for his interest, there are no complications. The client pays for time and companionship, for as long as he arranges, without the drama and the commitment of a relationship. There's another important point to consider, as well. Some clients identify as transgender and want to spend time with a similar person. A Transgender Escort is an easy way to make that possible and makes the search for a transgender individual easier.

There's a lot of things a client can do while in the company of a Transgender Escort. They provide the same services as other escorts, which include serving as your personal tour guide, joining you for a fabulous night on the town or providing you with a private dance, for examples.

The best way to find a Transgender Escort is through a quality website where all of the particulars can be worked out with an assurance of confidentiality. A quality escort website will provide accurate photos and descriptions of the Transgender Escorts available. Payment for a particular escort is arranged through the escort service, and the amount of payment will depend on the level of service and escort you require.