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Las Vegas is not without a wide array of sexy jobs available for those seeking to travel an unconventional career path. We receive countless inquiries regarding how to become a male escort in Las Vegas from men wanting to try their hands at a highly illustrious, well-paying job in Vegas. We encourage each aspiring male Vegas escort to consider the demands of escorting while properly assessing to what degree escorting is a suitable career path.

Benefits to Becoming a Gay Male Escort in Las Vegas

  • Flexible Scheduling Escorting allows you to chart your own hours to a point. You must adhere to the hours you make available, but are free to set your own availability. This works well for students working around class schedules as well as those with other jobs.

  • Job Security Adult entertainment in Las Vegas isn’t going anywhere despite how dismal the state of the economy. Our Vegas escorts for hire are as busy as they wish to be because becoming an escort in Las Vegas means you’ll be in touch with visitors from all over the world looking for a great time with a captivating companion.

  • Fun As simple as it sounds, escorts in Las Vegas do have fun! Not many professions allow for such a good time and exposure to so many great people. Our clients are top-shelf, and our escorts appreciate the experiences shared with said clients.

Wrong Reasons to Become a Male Las Vegas Escort

  • You Need Fast Money Most of us have been there. The rent’s late, the car payment is fast approaching and suddenly making quick money in Vegas is front and center. Does escorting pay handsomely? Yes. But it’s been our experience that strictly money-motivated people do not find success in escorting. Successful escorts enjoy entertaining male clients and lack qualms about expressing themselves sexually to provide exceptional entertainment for distinguished gentlemen.

  • You’re Looking for an Introduction to the Gay Lifestyle in Las Vegas While escorting is a great outlet for meeting interesting individuals who lack sexual hangups and insecurities, it may not work for you if you are still in the process of coming out to friends and family or wish to explore curiosities. Being comfortable in your own skin is a must so that clients are made to feel comfortable around you. Your dates rely on you to facilitate a great experience, not the other way around.

  • Escorting Sounds Easy We cringe a bit when people think escorting is generally an easy profession. The fact is, it’s not easy or rewarding for everyone, just those with a natural ability to relate to others. Outgoing personalities are the rule, and simply looking good is not enough. You must maintain an appearance that is appealing to clients, which takes work and dedication and isn’t always easy.

Starting a Career as a Gay Male Escort in Las Vegas

Once you’ve decided to offer your services as a gay male Vegas escort, you’re faced with the decision to work independently or work with a Vegas escort agency. Those just starting out find agencies provide the best launch into the lucrative career. Benefits to working with an agency include:

  • Safety We cannot stress enough how important your safety is. Agencies introduce you to pre-screened clients, adding to your security. We know exactly where you are on any outcall. Our male Vegas escorts have the same level of security our female Vegas escorts have.

  • Marketing Escorting is like any other business. A great product only sells itself so much. You need to reach a broad client base, and an escort service such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts exposes your profile to esteemed clients who trust us. Our established history in the industry means our escorts receive more calls from clients we’ve worked with in the past as well as those who have learned of our standard of excellence by word-of-mouth and excellent online Vegas escort reviews.

  • No Up-Front Costs to You Successful independent Vegas escorts must dedicate hours per week to maintain a professional website with blogs and updates. This is unnecessary once your profile is showcased at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. Less stress and more free time is a benefit our Vegas escorts appreciate.

  • You’re Surrounded by Great People Our top-notch, high end Vegas escorts are the main reason for our success. When you are starting out, friendships with other escorts provide sounding boards and alliances with like-minded people. They can be a wealth of information or simply someone to listen and understand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Male Escort in Las Vegas
  • Do I have to use my real name? No, you do not. In fact, for privacy reasons, we encourage the use of a pseudonym. When selecting your moniker, be creative and choose something that reflects your personality.

  • How Much Money Will I Make? Some Las Vegas escort services will tell you that earning potential is unlimited, which is not entirely false. However, you must dedicate ample availability in order to make a handsome income. More than that, you must become an escort Vegas visitors want to see again. Personable, highly rated Vegas escorts receive repeat calls from satisfied clients. Earning potential is truly dependent upon your level of professionalism and quality of service.

  • Can I Meet Only Female Clients? Men seeking to work solely as a straight male Vegas escort are likely to be disappointed by the lack of opportunities available. There are women seeking male escorts for public companionship and intimate encounters, but they are not abundant. If you want to work as a Las Vegas male escort, you are going to stay busy with male clients but not female clients.

Straight male Vegas escorts are sometimes requested when two partners inquire about Las Vegas escorts for couples, though most often, they ask for a female visitor. We also receive requests for shemale and transgender Vegas escorts. The fact remains, most of our clients are male, and even our gay female escorts are requested more by single males and couples than they are by female clients.

Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts is available to discuss the opportunities available to you should you feel you have given proper consideration to what it takes to be a highly rated escort in Las Vegas. We welcome additional questions and would love the opportunity to meet with you!