About Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts

About Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts
  • Whats the difference between an Escort Service and Independent Escorts

    The difference between the two might just be exactly what you think, however, knowing why to chose one over the other is a very important decision you need to make prior to hiring any Independent Las Vegas Escorts or Escorts from a “Licensed Las Vegas Escort Service”. Independent Las Vegas Escorts are both men and woman offering their services on escort classified sites like Backpage’s erotic section, the formerly erotic section of craigslist which was shut down in Sept. of 2010, Eros Las Vegas and directory sites like the girl directory and open adult directory. The Escort Services in Las Vegas are advertised as offering escort services but in fact there has never been a license granted to any company, the alternative has always been for companies to acquire an “Outcall Entertainment Referral Service” license which allows companies to market and provide non sexual referrals to Independent Las Vegas Escorts for a fee. You can read up about the benefits of using an Escort Service over an Independent Escort here.

  • What should I know prior to calling an Escort Service or Independent Escort

    Each Escort Service and Independent Escort operates within different guidelines but you can expect the more established or reputable companies to ask at the very least you're name on your driver’s license or the name that was booked on the reservation at the hotel/casino you’re staying at, how many hours and the exact time and date you’d like your entertainer to be to your room and a number to contact you directly; preferable a cell phone. That’s the information an agency should ask you but you should be well prepared and make sure that there’s an understanding that if the girl that’s sent to your room is not “up to par” with your expectations that you’re not obligated pay for any entertainment and requests other Las Vegas Escort(s) to be sent out to you.

  • Is it safe to use the escort cards being passed out on Las Vegas Blvd.

    Bunnies of Las Vegas as an agency is very weary of the companies that have illegal aliens passing cards on the strip for the simple fact the escort services using this method to market Las Vegas Escorts are breaking numerous laws and put the clients at risk on so many different levels. To name just a few, the majority of the passers on Las Vegas Blvd. are illegal, additionally there is a large portion of the passers that are arrested specifically for selling narcotics to tourist walking up and down the strip. For the simple fact that these escort agencies allow this to happen is a red flag and finding Las Vegas Escorts through these advertising channels should not be used. Secondly, most of the Las Vegas Escorts advertised on these cards are advertised as $35.00 which is a simple bait and switch marketing technique to get you to call in so they can up the price when the entertainer shows up.

  • How much should I expect to pay for an escort

    How much should I expect to pay for Las Vegas Escorts?
 This is probably the most frequently asked question and requested information from prospective clients or people just interested in the in-and-outs of the Las Vegas Escort industry. Simply, expect to pay whatever you’re comfortable with paying over the escort service referral fee and the minimum the entertainer’s willing to accept for her entertainment. Every escort advertised as Las Vegas Escorts on any escort service website, escort directory or escort classified website is an independent escort and does not work as an employee for the agency but as an independent contractor. Each Escort Service charges a referral fee to the entertainer which is usually $250.00 but in some circumstances will be lowered all the way down to $50.00 when booking multiple hours. When the escort arrives to the clients room she’ll go over the cost for her erotic entertainment which can be an additional $250.00 to thousands of dollars each hour she’s with you.

  • Are the photos advertised as Las Vegas Escorts real

    The majority of the photos on printed material you find on Las Vegas Blvd. and web sites offering Las Vegas Escorts are models, including the girls here on our site. The reasons for this are many but particularly for the escorts safety. Fear not! Chances are that the entertainer that’s sent out to you will strongly resemble the girl you were requesting and while this doesn’t seem like the best possible way to select your nightlife entertainment the chances the entertainer would be sent away is HIGHLY unlikely as you’re probably exchanging one very hot GFE for another another very hot GFE. Read up a little more on common escort terminology such as GFE e.g. Girl Friend Experience.

  • Whats the difference between an Escort referral fee and an Escort Fee

    An escort referral fee is what the independent escort pays the escort service to refer business to them. The referral fee’s vary from service to service but usually range from $50.00 to $250.00, Bunnies of Las Vegas charges $250.00 per referral. The Independent Escorts fee is the money given for non-sexual entertainment between you and the entertainer prior to the routine.

  • Is any of my information shared with other Escort Services or third parties?

    Every agency is different from one another but our company strictly prohibits and solicitation of clients via phone or email. If neither us or any or our Las Vegas Escorts are contacted you will not hear from us unless you have specifically requested more information on our company or subscribed to our newsletter. You can read up a little more on how we use data collected on our site and what we do with that data via our privacy policy

  • Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas, NV?

    The answer to this question is simply NO Prostitution in Las Vegas, NV is considered a crime and if you’ve every tried asking any entertainer if they’ll have sex with you you’ll probably get the deer headlight look or the entertainer will probably just walk out. Any money exchanged is for non sexual entertainment e.g. strip tease, etc. if anything were to transpire outside of the entertainment call between the two individuals without money being exchanged is considered to be between two consenting adults.

Licensed Las Vegas Escorts

There’s tons of sites out there but knowing which ones to do business with is a pretty important step prior to making any calls. First, before we recommend any escort service other then our own we’d like to get our 10 seconds in the spotlight first and boast about why our Las Vegas Escorts are the best and doing business with us will make you happy. Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts started out with the simple notion that customers should always be satisfied with the services that were obtained through the “Bunnies of Las Vegas, Escort Service”; which means everything from the time that one of the phone girls answers the phone, the communication that’s done via the contact us form and the entertainment that’s received at the clients home, vacation rental or casino hotel room should be top notch. Each Escort that works for our agency is required to be licensed with the city prior to taking any outcall entertainment calls. Each of the Las Vegas Escorts that work for Bunnies of Las Vegas are required to follow strict client/company policies and procedures at all times. These are just a few things we do to keep our client base and are always looking for new ways and new ideas to go beyond our clients expectations.

Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts is a strong believer in customer satisfaction and makes it a priority to take care of the clients looking for a select group of Las Vegas Escorts provided by an escort service that doesn’t add fluff to their site with false advertisements, coupons and such. All of the entertainers on bunniesoflasvegas.com are 100% authentic models and the biographies that you read on each escorts profile is the real deal, no fluff, no make believe fairy story, what you read is what you get! While you’re here we’d like to introduce you to all our Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts first hand: Our group understands that because the nature of the escort industry that the majority of our clients demand complete confidentiality and security; that’s why all escorts working with Bunnies of Las Vegas are prescreened and are required to be licensed with the State of Nevada prior to going out on any of our calls. Bunnies of Las Vegas has taken great strides to obtain some of the hottest female escorts in Las Vegas and other high class female companions from other U.S. cities and across the globe to work as Las Vegas Escorts here with us.

Bunnies of Las Vegas is the only escort service in Las Vegas that offers private emails for our clients and temporary phone numbers while visiting our city. The reason we do this is two fold, firstly, by providing our clients with emails it prevents any unwanted eyes to your personal email account. Secondly, we provide each client a temporary number to contact any of our beautiful girls in complete privacy and without having to maintain a call log between the client and our Las Vegas Escorts.

One thing to consider when choosing the escort agency you want to do business with is the circle of escorts Las Vegas has to offer and what escorts are exclusive to any given agency. For instance, most of the Las Vegas Escorts found on licensed escort service sites like Las Vegas Escorts [KB], Las Vegas Escorts & Company, JTrippleD, Inc. and Vegas Black Book, LLC, are independent but take calls for each agency, what Bunnies of Las Vegas does is try to have a constant flux of beautiful entertainers exclusive to our agency but advertise on non-vegas escort directories like the ones we mention below in our Directories about Las Vegas Escorts.

Directories About Las Vegas Escorts

There are numerous methods for finding an escort that you’re compatible with and using an escort directory that’s either based primarily on Las Vegas Escorts or international escorts with a Las Vegas section like the ‘Dark Side Productions or as the main stream knows them eros guide, Open Adult Directory, Girl Directory, and the City Vibe.

Blogs About Las Vegas Escorts

Lastly, if you’re interested in the industry or interested in erotic articles about Las Vegas Escorts you can always enjoy great blogs dedicated to Las Vegas Escorts such as The Las Vegas Courtesan Blog, Summer Woods Blog which all provide a great deal information about Las Vegas Escorts and doing business in the industry as a whole or you can read the Bunnies of Las Vegas Escort Blog.