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Transsexual Escorts

Life and dating are hard enough without feeling like the oddball out. When it comes to gender and sexual preference, along with establishing one's identity, it adds another complex layer to the bizarre constraints placed on everyone. Finding Shemales and Transsexual partners to explore different destinations can be extremely hard to come by, and that why we here at Bunnies try and make exploring Las Vegas with a TS/TV as simple as possible.

The transsexuals working with Bunnies of Las Vegas escorts want to be more than a TS category on a fetish website. They genuinely want to make others feel comfortable with people who want to live their lives while being able to love and be loved freely.

We feel the personal lifestyle choices of any individual shouldn't be anyone else's business other than the person living that lifestyle and the people they choose to include in it. You can rest well knowing all bookings with Bunnies of Las Vegas are private and confidential.

Book today and have one of our shemales entertain you as a friend, attend group gatherings, events, shows, or to meet other like-minded individuals like yourself we're here to help you on your journey!