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Published: December 17, 2019, Updated: January 24, 2020

Tessie 13Tessie is the smokin’ hot redhead you have always dreamed of going out with. Only now, you don’t have to worry about rejection. She’s quite the sweetheart and loves to go out on dates with anyone. She has dated all sorts of people, including men and women. She thinks of herself as quite open-minded and enjoys the company of someone who speaks their mind.

Tessie 41With long hair that grazes her perfect breasts, a soft smile, and a slender body, she is what most would describe as a fantasy girl. She’s surprisingly down to earth. You will find it easy to get into a conversation with her about anything. You can talk to her about your wildest fantasies or even what you want to happen on your date.

Tessie 35She grew up in the midwest and has finally escaped her parents. They were strict and now she can be the wild child she always dreamed of being. She has taken a number of striptease classes and can work a pole like you have never seen. She’s flirty, seductive, and loves to tease. She enjoys stripping down to her lingerie during a night in, so you may get quite the show if you two spend some time alone with each other.

Tessie 31She lives in the moment and doesn’t care what people think about her. She will tell you exactly what she wants, which can be a breath of fresh air. She also wants to make sure that you have a memorable time. She will ask you what you want so that she can make it all happen.

Tessie 36You may find that she is quite the temptress. This will make it all the more exciting to spend quality time with her. You will quickly learn that one hour simply isn’t enough to get to know Tessie. You will want to book several hours with her. You may even want to treat yourself to an entire weekend where she can spend hour after hour spoiling you rotten.

Tessie 29This open-minded girl is up for all sorts of adventures. She’s also your mental and will try anything once. Whether you want to go to a swinger’s club, a nightclub or a high-end restaurant on The Strip, she’s up for it.

What She Has to Offer
Tessie 10Tessie is a stunning redhead with a beautiful body. She has soft curves in all of the right places. She doesn’t hold back in showing off some skin. Her open-minded personality also ensures that you can book your fantasy date without worrying about whether she’ll go along with all of the details. She can be just the girl you need to enjoy a night out in Vegas.