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Published: August 8, 2016, Updated: October 07, 2019

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Selina 2 Many men love to take me out and show me off while nobody we cross paths with knows what’s tucked in for safe keeping! A night of flirtatious chatter over drinks will make you forget we have matching parts. My red lips and wide smile lure you in, and my red-hot persona leaves you hooked. I always get my man! Since I was very young, I’ve always had a remarkable ability to keep people hanging on my every word. Entertaining is my passion, which is why an encounter with me is unlike any other you might have shared with a transsexual escort in Las Vegas. I’m Sin City’s biggest TS girl talent, and a couple hours with me will teach you exactly why that is true. I’m no joke and no fake. I am the girl who has what you are looking for: a perfectly feminine, manicured body with a rock hard cock!

Selina 4 Hobbies of mine include cooking, reading, making love for hours and salsa dancing. Mom taught me how to do three of those four things! As far as being a prized lover, well, I’m self-taught on that. Though, I’ll admit, I learn a lot from the men I spend time with. I love it when an inspired man teaches this tranny new tricks! I’ve been known to break out in applause when one of my closet freaks fills me in on a kink. Trying new things accentuates my already amazing life. I’m easily excited with a girly giggle.

Selina 5 You don’t want to be all alone in that room of yours taking things into your own hands, do you? You can have this sexy sweetheart purring like a kitten in real time, so why not take the plunge into something daring and so fun? There’s no height requirement to ride this ride, so let’s take a walk on the wild side to see what I can do to plaster a naughty grin on that serious face of yours? Give me a call to experience the transsexual escort Las Vegas locals know as the go-to TS girl for those who demand the best.