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Published: September 11, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Sammi 1 When you are all alone thinking about your dream girl, does she have caramel skin and dazzling green eyes? Are her tits perfectly round and bouncing around you as she’s dancing up a storm? Does she worship your manliness and always say, “Yes” in a sultry voice? If this sounds familiar, you have found the girl for you. My name is Sammi, and I am one of the most pleasurable ebony Vegas escorts you will find. This petite body is small in stature, but larger than life as I’m taking everything off for you in a provocative, personalized show. I excel at making those hot chocolate fantasies more than just a dream. What I awaken inside you will leave you shocked and satisfied. Nothing pleasures me more than knowing the memory of me will linger and turn you on long after I’m gone.

Sammi 2 Let those carnal desires erupt without hesitation. You know you’re dying to know what this ebony sweetheart throws down when asked nicely to be a little sassy! Have you been on the lookout for someone to fill that big bed of yours? I may need to sprawl out to relax after dancing for you. How turned on are you by the thought of me shaking these fine tits and this juicy black ass? Hopefully, you are coming to life down there at just the thought of welcoming me into your world for an hour or so. If you are feeling inspired by these hot photos, imagine the delight when we are both letting loose, and I am blowing more than your mind in person?

Sammi 3 I am 24 years old and have been an ebony Vegas escort for roughly three years. I ended a relationship with my high school sweetheart after he left to play basketball in Europe after two years in college. I was pretty broken up, and so sexually inexperienced because he was the only guy I’d been with. Casual hookups were not for me, and on a whim, I decided to start to strip to explore my sexuality. In little time, I was one of the hottest performers in that club. I loved the attention and craved it when I was away for a few days. What I did not like was the way things are run in a club. Time with each man was too limited. I wanted my encounters with the opposite sex to be extended. Becoming an escort in Las Vegas was the answer to my career woes! I was hooked from the first hour-long session with a desirable man who couldn’t get enough of me. I love doing special things for my regulars and surprising my newcomers.

Sammi 4 Don’t wait too long! I’m here for you today, and ready to help you remember you what you deserve. I am an equal opportunity pleasure hostess with a hot body to back me up. Personalized attention is what I love to provide for men of all inclinations. Give me a call, and I will be there within minutes to be the little lady that turns your world upside down in all the right ways.