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Published: November 2, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Alma 7 I’d love for you to take a moment to imagine what our time together would be like. I’m honored you are considering asking me to be by your side for a while. In an effort to make sure we’re compatible, I’d love to describe an encounter I’ve recently experienced. It’s representative of exactly what I believe constitutes a great night. I can be quite naughty and love to role play as we make your fantasies come to life!

Alma 5 A gentleman caller sounded somewhat apprehensive in asking me if I took outfit requests. Upon assuring him I always do my best to accommodate all my clients’ wants, he detailed something so provocative. He wanted me to dress in something that resembled high school gym class attire. It seems he’d lusted after a classmate after catching a glimpse of her courtesy of an ajar locker room door. From the moment of his quick peek, he began to fantasize about what she had under the gym shorts and unadorned white tee. Thoughts of the virginal bra and practical panties consumed him and he wanted a sexy brunette with dark hazel eyes and a New York accent to assume the role of the unobtainable object of his affection from all those years ago.

Alma 3 I really dolled up for him, wearing exactly what I felt reflected his detailed characterization of this young girl. I haven’t lived in NYC for over three years, but my accent remains intact. From the moment I arrived, our role-playing was on! He called me by her first name and asked me to do things I’ve never done with a man before. It was so hot as he was totally in the moment. I could tell he was somewhere else, and I loved being so desired by this wanting man.

Alma 2 I gave him everything and more than she ever would have By the time I left, he was in a state of euphoria. It was one of those sexually explicit moments in time that was perfection. We were both exactly where we wanted to be, and we were both other people. I was his object of desire, as he morphed into his 16-year-old self. I don’t think I’ll hear from him again because experiences like that are best left as they are ended. He finally satiated a longing he’s harbored for years, and I was his vehicle for such an erotic diversion. What he did for me that night was remarkable. It solidified my love for role-playing.

Alma 1 Since that night, I’ve expanded my wardrobe to include countless fetishist delights. I can be just about any persona you have a hankering for tonight. You name it, and we’ll do our best to make it happen! I’m not skittish about taboo requests either! I’ve heard some really rousing tales of unrequited love from men lusting after forbidden fruit. It’s all play, and I’m ready for anything at all. Take a peek at this hot body. Doesn’t it look like an awesome place to play?