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In an effort to provide a sampler platter of some of the sexiest escorts in Vegas, we tasked the girls of Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts with responding to a few career-related questions. Not everyone wants to browse the profiles in full, so this taste of the temptresses stands to steer you in the right direction when it comes to looking for what you want. Read on to learn a bit about these darlings, then head to the profiles that intrigue you the most. We cannot brag enough about the dolls showcased here, as they are all really great women with interesting traits and commendable insights.

What are the most common special requests from clients

/images/escort/seiko/seiko3.jpg Japanese stunner, Seiko: I find that most men, when making requests, ask for sexy lingerie. This is especially true with married men making requests. Too often, their wives stop trying hard enough and let sexy lingerie collect dust somewhere! My extensive collection of lingerie is mostly pastel in color and looks great against my Asian skin tone.

/images/escort/quinn/quinn2.jpg Commanding Quinn: Men seeking BDSM Vegas escorts commonly come across my name since I am a proficient Domme who enjoys bringing BDSM elements to my performances. My interest in the lifestyle is both personal and professional, making me a guy’s choice when he needs a bit of discipline!

Versatile Audrey: I have been reviewed well by couples who have enjoyed my time, so nowadays, I get so many requests from twosomes who are looking for a Vegas escort for couples to make their vacation more snazzy!

Nurse-in-training, Monique: I am one of the most requested role play Vegas escorts. I am studying to be a nurse, so I am often asked to play naughty nurse, but I love branching out to other fun games of pretend! There are some very creative men out there in the wild.

Do you have a second job

/images/escort/amber/featured.jpg Asian Amber: I do have a second job, and I’m lucky to have two jobs I love. I am a licensed massage therapist, and I dote on clients at both jobs, but in somewhat different ways. The similarities between the two lines of work are basically meeting people who need to release stress or experience an escape of some sort. I am a caregiver by nature, so both working as a masseuse and performing as an Asian escort in Vegas give me a lot of rewards.

Captivating Indian doll, Leela: I am into hentai, and I have been able to work in creating erotic hentai, and I have been the inspiration for many erotic cartoons. I enjoy my work in the arts as an illustrator and model, but I have the most fun meeting guys who would like an Indian girl to come to them for some spicy fun!

Our favorite fashionista, Charlotte: No way! I like to focus all of my attention on what I’m doing here and now.

How did you come to the career

Indian sizzler, Anika: I teach classes at a community center which does not pay a ton. I enjoy travel too, so working as a hired companion lets me pay for many trips per year that my teaching salary would not let me do.

/images/escort/alex/featured.jpg Former porn starlet Alex: I worked in the porn industry for a bit, so that was my entry into considering unconventional careers. I wanted a change, and I have been happy to find out that there are guys who feel like porn star escorts are a lot of fun. Some guys have seen my work before they call me, and others check it out after I have met them!

/images/escort/angel/angel3.jpg Spellbinding Angel: I was living in California when a friend of mine was working as a Vegas escort and asked me to join her. She was persistent and I eventually came, and I love it. She and I have even worked as a team in the past and had a blast.

/images/escort/sammi/sammi4.jpg Sporty Sammi: I guess it’s not too interesting. After my high school sweetheart broke up with me, I wanted to explore my sexuality, which was very undeveloped. Stripping seemed like a good idea, but I eventually was drawn to the nature of escorting in Vegas much more.

How many of your clients are married

/images/escort/alma/alma1.jpg New York native, Alma: I couldn’t tell you. I don’t ask unnecessary questions and only know marital status when it’s mentioned by a client. Normally, they are having too much fun to think about anything from home!

Illustrious Abby: Who cares? Knowing ruins the fantasy.

Kinky Chantice: Hmmm. I could guess about half of them are. I am bi-curious, which means I have entertained many married couples in the past. So yeah, half would be my guess.

Who inspires you

Young Ruby: My grandmother is the one who inspires me! She is 91 years old and still a total firecracker! She’s also very silly, and I think a playful nature keeps a woman young, or at least young at heart!

Dark-skinned Indigo: My close group of friends inspire me. I was born and raised here, so I am so lucky to have such a solid group of gal pals and family members who keep me focused and grounded.

Fitness-fanatic, Belle: My trainer?

Do your friends and family know what you do for a living

/images/escort/love/love1.jpg Utah native, Love: I grew up in Utah, so nobody from back home knows what I’m doing for work these days. I have made a few friends here that know and support my choice, which is awesome.

Teenage temptation Ayana: No way! Shhhhhh!

Poised Banu: Yes! Mom is an educator in the sexual health sector, and I plan to follow in her footsteps after college graduation. She knows and approves as long as I am happy and safe.

Secretive Stephanie: My Greek mother would kill me! What she does not know won’t hurt her!

How long do you plan to work in the adult industry

30-year-old Suki: I’ve entered my 30’s, so I have given thought to this question recently. I feel like I could do this for another decade because I’m having so much fun. There is a demand for mature Vegas escorts, so I think I have it in me to continue to do something that fulfills me. I haven’t found ”the one” yet, but I think I’d hang up my stilettos once I enter a serious relationship.

/images/escort/chantel/featured.jpg Resident MILF, Chantel: I am not sure, but I am probably nearing the end of my days of wearing pasties and thongs on a regular basis! One thing that makes me love what I do is mentoring the teenage Vegas escorts who are new to the adult industry and looking for non-judgmental guidance. There are some awesome girls here at Bunnies, and I like being their go-to for all kinds of questions.

Is the money good

Perky and talented Levi: Yes, but I stay pretty busy performing in adult-themed matinee shows on a local stage, so I am not always available for hours here at Bunnies. If I worked more, I’d make more!

Luscious Latina, Marisol: It’s not too shabby. My life’s passions are volunteering with at-risk youth and travel. My job allows me to do both and still live comfortably.

Cute coed, Taylor: I’m a broke college student, so yes!

Mature maven, Alexis: From day one, this career has never been about the money for me. I’m older than the average girl in the business, and I’ve led a prosperous life. Right now, what’s good about this job is the adventure aspect.

What is one thing you wish all clients knew

Outgoing Autumn: I wish clients knew that GFE dates are almost always fun for me too. I think of it as a first date with none of the pressure.

Gregarious ginger, Katie: Not all redheads are temperamental!

/images/escort/azzareyah/featured.jpg Fun-loving Azzareyah: I have a wacky sense of humor, and I wish guys felt more willing to let their sense of humor come out as soon as we meet. Sensuality is awesome, but add some humor to the mix, and the night is epic!

Thoughtful Delray: Clients need to be less shy, but I understand when they are. Especially if it is their first time.

Do you have any unique hobbies

Free-spirited Li: In my free time, I like swimming and yoga, which are not unique, but my other pastime is needlepoint. Making my creations is my secret granny behavior!

Adrenaline-junkie, Angelina: I love riding motorcycles and driving fast cars. A need for speed is my most distinct trait.

/images/escort/kathri/kathri2.jpg Adventurous Kathri: I guess rock climbing is pretty unique. I love it, and I don’t find many other women like me who climb. I can get dirty and sweaty, but I also love to dress up and be girly!

Holiday-loving Holly: My odd hobby happened to me. Since I have a Christmas birthday, I get a lot of gifts that are Christmas related, so my collection of tacky Christmas decor is my unique hobby, I guess.