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Have you ever wondered what happens during the everyday adventures of Las Vegas escorts? While there are many hotties profiled here who lead lives of leisure when they are not meeting gentlemen, most of these knockouts lead enriched lives with remarkable pastimes and interests. No matter where their attentions are directed when they are not working, all of the ladies unearthed here have the most intriguing personalities and are well-rounded, making them excellent conversationalists as well as being stunningly gorgeous. There is not one average girl to be found at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts.

We applaud your good choice for opting to work with a service rather than rolling the dice with an independent performer. When you associate with a high-class entity, you can breathe easily and delight in the charms of a perfect ten. No matter what you are into, from blondes, to exotic wonders, you are certain to find a sophisticated sidekick among the ladies listed here. Waste no time in getting what you want. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. No matter what the occasion, you will pinpoint the right fit among the foxes found here. Read further to learn more about some of the fascinating dames we have on hand.

Dark-Haired Dazzlers

/images/escort/lani/ Persian princess, Lani, is one of the brunettes we could not be more proud of. At 23 years old, she is wise beyond her years, and she is currently perusing a degree at UNLV. Her mother is a sex educator, so that should tell you a little something about Lani’s open-minded nature. Being comfortable in her own skin is her hottest characteristic. She is often studying hard, but that is good news for the men who call on her for a special engagement. The dazzling and bookish Lani likes to take a break from her studies whenever she is given the chance. Imagine how great it would feel if she paid you a visit after desperately needing a sexy distraction from her demanding curriculum!

Another of the brunette bombshells we like to brag about is Josefina. She is a Mexican hottie who has the most desirable demeanor. When her sensuality was blossoming, she loved attention from the opposite sex, and she thought that dancing in the gentlemen’s clubs would satiate her desire to be noticed, but she realized that just was not for her because it was too impersonal. She wanted to make one-on-one connections with those who were thirsting for a healthy dose of feminine charms. You will find Josefina to be more than worthy of your attention as she wraps you up in her appeal and keeps your focus completely on her while you are together.


One of the most insatiable Puerto Rican escorts in Las Vegas is the lovely Marisol. She moved to the US from Puerto Rico in 2012, but she arrived to this town as a cultured traveler, as she has seen many parts of the world early in life. She considers herself to be a charmer in a crowd and a seductress when she is alone with a gentleman. Cultivated Marisol has an altruistic side a mile long, as she is always helping neighbors and volunteering within the community. Her most notable achievement is her dedication to lending her time to teaching at-risk youth the Spanish language. In the boudoir, she prides herself on being able to stimulate a man’s mind before the rest of his body becomes electrified.

Decadent Ebony Vegas Escorts

Teenage Ayana is a dark-skinned babe with natural C-cups and a tight, toned body. Being a student with a full course load means she is not always on hand, but she makes time for the men who call on her for nighttime delights. If you hope to catch her during the day, do not delay giving us a ring. She should not be missed if you are a fan of the type of girl who is as graceful as she is young. Her hobbies are diverse. When she has occasional free hours, she focuses on baking, genealogy and riding her bike around the city. She takes a special interest in genealogy and began this at a very young age because she loves to hear about the lives of others. Would you like the opportunity to share your story with Ayana before you leave town?

/images/escort/ayana/ayana1.jpg Sin City local Indigo expresses herself well, no matter if she is with a man or staying out into the wee hours with her close band of gal pals. She is one of the most praised bachelor party entertainers, as she is a natural born party girl who also has serious and sporty sides. She is an avid reader and tackles complicated texts to broaden her mind. In addition to this, she teaches fitness classes to share her know-how with others while also maintaining her shapely physique. Using her body to excite and stimulate is what makes Indigo shine, and if you are looking for more than one honey to stop by, let it be known that she works so well with another girl, as they play off of each others enterprising natures.

Larger Than Life Persona

Dolly is in possession of one of the most commanding personalities and bodies among our collection of busty Vegas escorts. With her unimaginable chest, she is accustomed to turning heads in public wherever she goes. Men who are fans of shocking breasts are never let down by what this babe has to offer. She considers her body to be her tool of the trade, and best of all, she loves role-play encounters and exploring the reasons why men are into BBWs. She is by far one of the most feminine darlings in our lineup, as she enjoys spending her days shopping and lounging. Her lingerie arsenal is second-to-none, and she loves showing off her impressive curves when wearing something revealing from a company called Hips and Curves.

/images/escort/dolly/dolly4.jpg When Dolly is not flashing her American Express card at top designer shops, she enjoys indulging in manicures, pedicures and other spa treatments. Her long, black hair might play second fiddle to her noticeable knockers, but it is so distinct when it is experienced up close. Her soft tresses are fragrant and tickle in all the right places. She does not let a man down when he relies on her for something memorable. Her moves are not methodical; they are magical. And her body type is the perfect fit for a man who craves a ravishing, heavyset physique. Her penchant for being pampered might make her seem like a diva, but she is relatable and enjoys being a VIP entertainer.

Gyrating Greek Gingers

Accomplished Aphrodite is a beauty who is endowed with the most impeccable attributes. For starters, her soft, red tresses are tantalizing, and her body is perfection, with two breasts that are like succulent peaches. Her ample ass is inviting, and her dancing is top-tier. During her free time, this graceful ginger teaches all-ages dance classes. She enjoys imparting confidence in others as they learn how to make their body connect to upbeat music. She considers dance to be the most erotic form of foreplay, and Aphrodite loves being invited to a club to share her sensuous and suggestive moves with a new admirer. Take note of this effervescent doll, as she is always an ace selection for a man in the mood for a provocative private show.

Another take-charge red-haired companion is Roxy. This fiery Irish rose leaves no sexy additive out when she meets a man. She adores being approved of, and she starts every day with such a confident approach. She looks amazing even first thing in the morning! She has a certain sort of natural beauty that cannot be created. One is either born with it or not. She considers her long, lean legs to be the ladders to nirvana, and everything about her body screams sex appeal. Those hoping to secure a sexy tour guide for pleasures in the city find Roxy to be a wonderful leader. She was born in Ireland, but fell in love with this city’s neon glow at a young age. She is living her dream here in Sin City, and she is eager to share her zest with visitors from all over the world.

Blonde Ambition

/images/escort/audrey/audrey_14.jpg If you are looking for the all-American blonde college Vegas escort, look no further than Audrey. This flaxen-haired filly hails from the Midwest, where she grew up in the suburbs. She is attending college here, and she is a fabulous fireball who is willing to try anything once! Growing up, Audrey concentrated on academics and athletics. She was so talented in the basketball realm that she had high hopes of earning a college scholarship. When that did not come to fruition, she decided to use her winning personality and hard-bodied form to her advantage. Alas, one of the hottest teen escorts in Vegas was born! Her history with us has been nothing but exemplary, as her young age is an attribute, not a deterrent. She spends hours per week studying, but she also carves out time for regular basketball games at the YMCA. Give us a call if you can see this exuberant blonde by your side!

Our top-notch southern belle, Chantel, is a MILF Vegas escort who makes men wanting a second serving of her magnificent sensuality. Do not let her status as a seasoned siren fool you, as she is a compelling woman who is not like most women her age who have put their physicality on the back burner. She is a busy woman, but she makes sure to stay in shape by swimming every day. She says that exercise increases her overall energy level and maintains the sparkle in her deep blue eyes. When it comes to her wardrobe, Chantel does not mess around. She outfits herself in top designer brands, meaning she makes an amazing plus-one for public dates. Her worldly nature makes her interesting and a delightful date for whatever is on the agenda, even if you wish to keep her all to yourself in the privacy of your accommodations.

Have you made passing comments about wishing you could have a gymnast in your lair? If the thought of this has always intrigued you, meeting Emma will be something you will not soon forget. As a trained gymnast, she remains one of the most top-rated Vegas escorts because she never runs out of steam, and the things she can do with her taut body are astonishing. Adding to her appeal is that she is classically trained in ballet, jazz and tap dance. She knows how to shake what she’s got, and this means her talents are out of this world. The self-expression of dance is what attracts Emma, but she has other interests as well. She loves hitting up the lake for a fast ride on a speed boat, trying her luck at the casino and even cuddling up with a good book. No two days are ever alike for this endearing dame.

Multifaceted Asian Maidens

/images/escort/amber/amber2.jpg Petite Ruby is 21 years young, and her lifestyle is fast-paced and full. Beyond her love of the extreme sports of mountain biking and skateboarding, she is an avid soccer player and fan. Athletic Ruby loves soccer so much, in fact, that she serves as an assistant coach for youth soccer. Her way with youngsters is admirable, and she is such a positive influence on and off the field. Sure, her body is small in stature, but she packs a great deal of power into that tiny frame of hers! Why not see for yourself how much energy she is in possession of? You will not go wrong with this Asian gem in your lair, treating you to an inspired performance. Role-play is her go-to sexy pastime, as she is as imaginative as she is athletic.

The professional and proficient Amber is another of the Asian Vegas escorts we highly recommend. She is a busy babe with a full-time job, plus her part-time sexy job here. She works as a massage therapist, and her masterful hands were crafted to issue pleasure! In addition to having such amazing massage prowess, Amber is also a very intelligent woman who speaks Japanese, English and a smidgen of Spanish. She is a fan favorite among international travelers who are seeking a woman of many talents. This looker was born in Yokohama, Japan, but her family moved to the US before Amber turned a year old.

Other than the girls we have explored above, there are many more glamorous ladies found here who lead joyful private lives. They all march to the beat of their own drum and treat guys to the best of themselves with every encounter. You will not be remiss if you summon one of these sweeties to share precious moments with you. There are many places to be seen in this city, but sometimes the most rewarding venue is in your room with a maven doting on you in ways you have only imagined. These high-spirited goddesses give their all, and no matter which you select, you are in store for a great adventure.