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Is prostitution legal in the United States? It is in Nevada. Although prostitution in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, is illegal, prostitution is legal in some areas outside of Clark. Nevertheless, you can find Las Vegas Hookers in a variety of locations throughout Nevada. Whether you choose one of the Las Vegas Prostitutes in a Nevada Brothel or one of the Las Vegas Escorts, they are attractive, friendly and knowledgeable about how to please a client.

Nevada Brothels

Las Vegas Prostitutes provide sex for money in one of the legally operated brothels in Nevada. Therefore, prostitution outside of licensed brothels is against the law in Nevada. Clients who visit one of the Las Vegas Prostitutes operating out of a brothel have the assurance that she has undergone mandatory HIV testing and that condoms are mandatory. The women working for a brothel are independent contractors, and the brothel typically gets half of the price negotiated with the client. Traveling out of Clark County to one of the legally operated brothels will give you the assurance that the woman you choose is HIV tested and that your activities are legal.

Las Vegas Hookers, Escorts, and Brothels

Since prostitution in Las Vegas is illegal, Las Vegas Hookers can legally offer "time and companionship" in exchange for money. That means one of the Las Vegas Prostitutes can accompany you to a nice dinner, hang out with you at the casino, dance with you at one of the top clubs, walk with you down the Las Vegas strip, or any other service that does not involve sexual activity. You will find that women who offer "time and companionship" refer to themselves as Las Vegas Escorts as opposed to Las Vegas Hookers.

Las Vegas Hookers working will either offer their services independently or with an escort agency. If you choose to work with an independent escort, money should be exchanged in your hotel room and not in a public place, such as a bar, where it could appear as though you're paying for sex. Also, if you work with an illegitimate woman working as an escort, you could be robbed of your money. So safety is key. Therefore, one of the more popular ways to work with an escort is through a reputable escort agency. One way to find a reputable escort agency is on-line via a well-designed and informative escort website. Escort Agency fee's are safe and set through the agency by telephone or email prior to meeting the escort and before she performs her dance routine.

If you're determined to spend your time in the most popular location in Nevada - Las Vegas - and you want to pay for the company of a woman, most would say your safest bet is to visit an Escort service.