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Throughout this city, one sees impressive and imposing nods to other cultures. This includes indulgences such as international cuisine, and ranges to memorable buildings such as the Paris’ Eiffel Tower structure. At Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, we too are in possession of International flair in the form of women from intriguing corners of the world. If you have a penchant for mysterious and cultivated women, you are in the correct place. We would love to be your connection to a sexy private strip show that wows you and stimulates the sum of your senses.

French Connection

/images/escort/belle/belle3.jpg There is something to be said about a lady who was brought up in France. Infamous for looking younger than their actual age, French Vegas escorts are some of the most popular in the MILF bracket. These ladies are swathed in confidence and know how to keep a man on his toes. Darling French women are widely known for being elegant and demure, but also harbor an unbridled sensuality men are drawn to. These masterful mademoiselles carry a certain flair wherever they go, meaning they are most certainly memorable.

If it is a GFE in Vegas you have in mind, a romantic dinner shared with a gal from France is not a bad start to your satisfying encounter. Allow us to introduce you to one of the French dolls profiled here, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. These beauties are quite accustomed to being a man’s choice, but they never fail to reward him for his adoration. Every woman loves to be admired, but these ladies stand out because they know that they are worth it, while also reveling in lavishing deserving men with their ingenuity.

One of our widely respected French escorts is Belle. This stunner has French parents and has lived in America for several years. However, no matter how much this blonde bombshell favors Sin City, she still embraces French attitudes. Her manners are perfection, and she shines in every social situation, making her a top pick for men who covet youth and perfection. Subtle red hair and fair skin are the most noticeable physical attributes Belle is in possession of, but you will soon find out that this darling is multifaceted, making her entirely interesting on so many levels.

Dynamic Desis

The word Desi is a loose term used to describe people, especially females, of the Indian subcontinent, derived from the Ancient Sanskrit. While it is used to describe cultures and products as well, its sexiness makes it the perfect designation for the hottest Indian escorts in Las Vegas. Our Desi dynamos are some of the most popular exotic companions due to the mystery and intrigue they embody. These ladies bring a special sort of uniqueness to every encounter and are pleased to be a man’s selection no matter what is on the agenda.

You are free to take one of these ladies out dancing, to a club, or simply invite her to your quarters to receive your customized strip show. We should not have to remind you how arousing belly dancing is. Imagine such a dance performed just for you in the privacy of your room! When clothing hits the floor, it will be unlike any show you have ever witnessed. Our dancers aim to please no matter what tune they are entranced by, and the Indian mavens found here are second to none.

/images/escort/meera/meera1.jpg The lovely Meera is one of the girls who remains on the minds of the men she meets. For starters, Meera likes to think that Indian women are hotter than curry, and she savors a shot at bringing the beauty of the Eastern World to a man’s accommodations. She playfully refers to herself as a goddess needing to be worshiped, and admits that she knows how to treat her man like an emperor. Dressed in traditional attire, Meera looks like a dream come true. You do not have to take our word for it, as you are free to invite her, or any of the other outstanding Vegas escorts catalogued here, to your room.

Anika is another Indian sweetheart who captures the hearts of her new friends. Standing 5’8”, she commands attention when she gracefully enters a room and flashes her winning smile. Her mesmerizing eyes are one of the first things others take note of upon meeting Anika for the first time. More often than not, she honors Hindu tradition by wearing a bindi on her forehead. The adornments are said to enhance concentration and conserve energy, and after sharing time with Bindi, you will quickly learn how amazing she is at using that conserved energy! She has only lived in America since her teens, but she has fallen in love with the states and travels often to different parts of the country.

The Sweet Taste of Asia

It is a widely known fact that many men cherish Asians. Their slight frames, almond eyes and sexy accents do not disappoint! Those with a marked appreciation for submissive women often look to Asians to provide a special sort of private show that sees them displaying their amenable tendencies quite nicely. Have you had the good fortune to share moments with an Asian beauty in the past? If you would like a second sample, look to our awesome array of tenderhearted Asians to fit the bill. And if you have yet to experience such a lady, may we invite you to do so on this trip. We are not at a loss for unforgettable Vegas escorts, and our Asians are among the most sensual.

/images/escort/li/li6.jpgLi is only part Japanese, but she is a reflection of everything good about Japan’s customs. Standing at 5’1” and barely weighing in at 100 pounds, she is a tiny fireball of vivacity that keeps men coming back for seconds. The chance to meet Li should not be missed. She describes herself as a beautiful tidal pool of surprises who is deep and mysterious like a classic geisha. Yoga and swimming are her two favorite pastimes, and those activities keep her body tight as a drum. As one of the most adorable Vegas escorts, this foreign charmer is a girl a guy can wrap his mind around!

Resident massage therapist Amber was born in Japan, and she speaks English, Japanese and a smattering of Spanish. Her wardrobe is extensive, meaning she can outfit herself in any sort of look you have a hankering for. When you summon Amber to be your companion, you will find other men taking note of your good taste. As a busty Asian escort in Vegas, she turns heads, and her extensive vocabulary captivates. Kindness and sincerity are two qualities she values most, and she adores meeting new friends who appreciate her open mind and incredible striptease ability.

Breathe in an Irish Rose

As the infamous song states, when Irish eyes are smiling, sure 'tis like a morn in spring. For this reason, many of our clients specifically inquire about Irish escorts in Vegas when calling us to arrange a private show. We love a naughty ginger around here and are confident you will as well if you are intrigued by the look of freckles adoring cheeks and long, fragrant red tresses spilling over broad shoulders. Expect to be wowed by any of the Celtic beauties profiled here. These ladies have a fiery passion unlike any other, but have such a gentleness about them at the same time. The sweet lilt of brogue in their accents serves to add to the allure.

/images/escort/roxy/roxy3.jpg Roxanne, who prefers to be called Roxy is one of the Irish Vegas escorts among our rank of roses. She grew up in Ireland, just outside of Galway, and she always had grand dreams of moving to America when she was old enough. Now that she is here, we are proud to know her because she is such an enthralling lass. She stays busy attending college, so be sure to reach out to us so you can reserve a slot on her schedule. Despite her being a transplant, she has a major zest for Sin City and is one of the loveliest VIP companions for those who want to stroll the Strip with a sizzling young maiden.

Have we whet your appetite for International travel? You do not have to leave the comfort of your quarters to experience another culture, thanks to our dynamic cast of high-class cuties from other countries, just waiting to make your acquaintance. Give Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts a call to slate time with any of the women featured here. Your private information remains secure, and we are always here to respond to questions or to make a referral based on your preferences. Life is too short to let opportunity pass you by, so take a longer look at our entertainers’ bios, if you need to, then call us with your selection. You will not be rendered disenchanted with the private stripper services we have on hand.