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When visiting Las Vegas, men and women are invited to delve into experiences they wouldn’t come by at home. This ranges from gambling all night and margaritas for breakfast to tossing away sexual inhibitions. Gay female escorts in Las Vegas are the ideal diversion for select individuals. Couples seeking inspiriting rendezvous with an adult entertainer are never disappointed with the right gay female Vegas escort.

Bunnies of Las Vegas boasts the most attractive assemblage of gorgeous escorts Vegas has to offer, and our gay beauties are no exception. Our stunning women of all shapes, sizes and origins are a diverse bunch, and include some who are strictly sexually attracted to women. These ladies serve as ideal companions for couples wishing to invite a third into their adult Vegas fun as well as for gay and bi-curious women.

Curious Couples

Couples making the most of Sin City often begin flirtatious discussions about sampling a female Vegas escort. Ads for escorts are everywhere. It is nearly impossible not to comment on the myriad of escorts advertising in Las Vegas. While it is different for every couple, what usually happens is passing comments are made about the readily available Vegas escorts without suggesting anything. Then limitations are lifted courtesy of the carefree attitude vacation time affords, and the suggestion of inviting an escort to add heat to the relationship is tossed into the ring.

The conversation evolves into the couple slating time with a Vegas escort. With abundant street ads at every turn, it is so easy to make a poor decision about which outlet to pursue. Sub-par service from a disinterested escort leads to a couple’s disenchantment.

Vegas Escorts for Couples

Gay female escorts in Las Vegas are ideal for couples. More often than not, the female in a male/female relationship is trepidatious about her husband viewing another woman’s female form in a sensual setting. She fears feelings of insecurity. Or, worse yet, women imagine the escort focusing her attention on the male, leaving the female partner feeling excluded or secondary. A couple’s inaugural foray into inviting a female companion to join them must encompass the desires of both.

A gay female escort Las Vegas vacationers invite to their room should create a relaxed, stimulating environment for everyone. She should cater to the straight or bi-curious female while the gentleman is treated to watching the beautiful feminine display before him. It is the ultimate scenario for couples seeking a female escort in Vegas.

When the selected escort is more sexually tuned into the female, everyone is more comfortable. The female partner is the center of attention and her husband or boyfriend never complains! Witnessing their partner enjoying the femininity of another woman gives men a thrill so great, he’ll be fantasizing about it long after the Vegas vacation has come to a close. A great bonding experience awaits couples who arrange time with another female intent on facilitating an invigorating, arousing encounter for the couple she visits.

A Word of Caution

A hedonistic tryst with a sensual, inviting gay female Vegas escort remains a favored pastime of adventurous couples seeking to add color to their sexual connection. It is an amazing adventure and should not be entered into without a little background on escort advertising.

Fliers and other advertising mediums on the Strip touting low prices for quality escort services often come from entities engaging in bait and switch techniques. For this reason, an [established escort service](/about established escort service should be anyone’s go-to. Secure, uncomplicated business practices ensure a couple enjoys the impassioned experience from start to finish. Trusting services advertised on the Strip is a risky move given many of these women have pimp associations or are working unlicensed. This is especially true with Vegas escorts found online via

When seeking a sensual, alluring gay female escort in Las Vegas, couples must protect themselves by hiring a licensed outcall entertainer through a trusted Vegas escort service. Licensed Vegas escort services, such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, provide premier entertainment, and cater to requests ranging from calls for certain ethnicities to asking for a gay female Vegas escort experienced in working with couples.

Demure ladies represented by Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts possess the refined skills to facilitate an intoxicating encounter with a divine blend of eroticism and fantasy. Everyone at Bunnies strives to make every rendezvous memorable and arousing and pays special attention to first-time couples with healthy sexual appetites.

Ready, Set, Go!

Couples need to do nothing other than give Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts a call detailing the desire to have one of our illustrious ladies pay them a visit. Requesting a gay female escort or gay male escort in Vegas is a regular occurrence, so there is no need to be shy! Enlightened couples even make requests as far as ethnicity, age and body type. Bunnies welcomes all persuasions, and all wishes are accommodated whenever possible.

When the selected escort arrives, the fun begins! She’ll be dressed to the nines, and both should find her a perfect ten in looks, personality and ability. She will take direction on how engaging to be with each half of the couple, and proceed to pave the way for a couple’s journey into uncharted territory, they will likely seek to travel again.

Experiencing Another Woman’s Sensuality

Our captivating gay female escorts are not reserved for couples. We embrace women traveling solo who have always wondered what experiencing another female would feel like, but are not sure how to proceed. Lesbian escorts in Las Vegas delight in inquisitive females. They pay special attention to the details as they know fellow ladies enjoy visual displays complete with stockings, sexy lingerie and designer shoes.

Women know what other women like to see, and a gay Vegas escort knows exactly what it takes to make her new friend at ease and aroused. She begins with a sultry dance as she removes the ensemble she has selected. While baring her intimate curves, she keeps her observer’s full attention. Never rushed, she ensures a woman’s first bisexual experience is high-class from start to finish.

When Not to Request a Lesbian Escort in Las Vegas

Single gentlemen, we adore you all and invite you to enjoy the plethora of charming escorts here at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. That said, we encounter many men who request a gay female escort in Vegas falsely believing she’s a novelty. The truth is, males have excellent endeavors with gay female escorts, but usually only when another woman is along for the ride. Should you find yourself single in Sin City and would love to meet a lesbian Vegas escort, we suggest you invite two ladies over for a time you will not soon forget.

If one lady is all you are ready to take on, we have many beautiful girls, from exotic Vegas escorts to the finest girl-next-door blonde escorts Vegas has to offer. Single men, we strongly suggest you request time with one of our red-hot straight Vegas escorts; any of our man-loving beauties will extend herself to you, curbing those cravings you’ve brought with you to Las Vegas.

Should your fantasy be dabbling in a degree of debauchery while in our city, we would love to be the Vegas escort service you trust to make this a vacation that energizes your sexuality, leaving you enlightened, no matter what you have in mind. Bunnies of Las Vegas boasts a superb history of excelling in client satisfaction for services ranging from arranged visits from gay Vegas escorts to Vegas bachelor parties bachelor parties and everything in between. We strive to be the premier source for in-room adult entertainment in Vegas.