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There are a few types of women who work as escorts in Las Vegas: girls working with an agency, independents and freelancers. Freelance escorts in Vegas are found in area bars and casino floors, and many men open themselves up to being charmed by such individuals. This can work out beautifully, but unfortunately, scores of Vegas escort scams are routinely performed, taking advantage of unsuspecting men who have not thought about the possible consequences of working with someone who trolls public places seeking men in search of a private strip show.

We always urge gentlemen to exercise caution when aligning with independent Vegas escorts, but when it comes to girls who are considered freelancers, we are steadfast in our desire to deter guys from trusting these women at all. With the number of quality services and Vegas escorts online, having faith in any female who approaches you for a paid date is cavalier. Much better options exist. Of course, it is our wish that you allow us to assist you in unearthing a maven who fits your tastes, but if you go another route, please take the following considerations to heart.

Freelance Vegas Escort Reviews

/images/escort/amie/amie3.jpg One can only put a minimal amount of faith in online reviews when it comes to adult entertainers, but an attractive girl with an established online presence is more likely to be legitimate than someone who markets herself by approaching strangers in person. When a hot blonde or alluring brunette moves toward you, there is no way to know if what she says is factual. She is not answering to an agency, so if her stripper services are subpar, she does not have much to lose. If you are unfamiliar with using an agency, we have outlined in more detail how to do so here.

Disappointing encounters with such women can include anything from them shorting men on time, or, worse yet, taking the money and instantly leaving. When we hear from clients that this has happened to them, it is not so much about the money, but the ill feelings rendered by such behavior. There are instances where freelancers are working with an accomplice, and their sole intent is to fleece trusting travelers and provide no sort of interaction beyond accepting payment for their time. Do not let yourself get into any of the above situations. No matter how good of a game she talks, keep in mind that if she dashes with the cash, you have no repercussions. You cannot report her to anyone except perhaps the hotel management, but that is not going to recoup your funds. All that does is alert the property to her presence. By that time, it is too late, as she has already victimized you.

When you work with a quality entity, such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, keep in mind that all of the gorgeous vegas escorts requested are licensed outcall entertainers and abide by all regulations set by local and state government. This is important to know because a woman who cares about her career enough to go through the motions to be legit is much more likely to put her best foot forward with every performance. That is good news for you! If you have yet to do so, browse the profiles of our sensuous Vegas escorts, and find a girl who would fit like a glove, and we will handle the details. If you have specialized requests, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments, and we can set you up with the perfect ten you crave and deserve.

Safety Factor

Beyond thinking of your own safety, think about the types of girls opting to work as freelance Vegas escorts. They know they could advertise online or work with an agency, but they choose not to. This is suspect because doing so is a much less safe option for them. If they are not working with an accomplice, nobody knows what hotel room they are visiting, which can put the quality freelancers in danger if a client proves to be unscrupulous. These girls are playing fast and loose with their own well-being, which is unfortunate. These ladies, when working honestly, should not put themselves in such possible peril, but they do, and that is suspect. You must ask yourself if they are remiss in other areas of their personal well-being.

/images/escort/charlotte/charlotte3.jpg Some might be struggling with substance abuse or suffer other personal issues, making them undesirable to an agency. Sure, they might look like the perfect package when they are walking the casino and bar floors. But can you really be sure she is a trustworthy person if she approaches you, and you usher her to your room, knowing essentially nothing about her? This is just too chancy. Most of them are unlicensed, and that should always matter to you. If you contract with a lady working independently, be sure to verify that she is a licensed entertainer. Otherwise, you may run into some issues with her ability to live up to what she has promised, which should include punctuality, professionalism and discretion. All of the above are what you can expect from any of the divine high-class companions showcased here.

Vegas Escorts for Couples and Events

It should go without saying that if you are looking for escorts that provide shows for couples, do not entertain the thought of hoping freelance Vegas escorts will close in on you and your better half when you are in a public setting. You do not want to subject a partner to disappointing conduct for a multitude of reasons. If you are fortunate enough to be traveling with a daring and excitable person who thinks sharing a private show with you would be an awesome encounter, do not mess it up by possibly joining forces with a woman who seeks only to get your money and bolt for the door. This will upset you both and leave you looking reckless.

The same can be said about event entertainment, such as bachelor parties. If you are charged with setting up the guys for a good time with a sizzling stripper, do not hope to find a dancer in person. You must trust a professional entity for such an important event. Most men would not dream of rolling the dice and going about it in such a way, but we have been made privy to some unfortunate stories about the festivities falling flat when freelancers or inattentive independent Vegas escorts have been hired, but fail to live up to assurances. If you are looking for more than one dancer, you will always be best served by relying on an agency. If you ask a gal working on her own to bring a friend or two, you cannot be sure she is bringing someone with know-how in the area of party entertainment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are always open, and unlike Vegas strip clubs, we have hot ladies on hand around the clock to provide the rousing performance you have a hankering for. There are other agencies in town, but few are as dedicated as we are when it comes to confidentiality and screening new dancers to be upstanding women who wow in any scenario. Beauty is important, but being the total package is what we demand of anyone profiled here. We look forward to assisting you in making a statement this trip!