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One of the most striking aspects of Sin City is that there is no one right way to maximize one’s gratification. There are pleasures at every turn, when one knows where to look. If there is a prevalent desire among gentlemen looking for a good time, it would have to be the aspiration to experience VIP treatment. For some, this is comped suites, because they frequent a specific casino, and others like to book the best tables at restaurants, revel in bottle service at clubs, or share time with an luxury Vegas escort. If a classy lady is on the agenda, one of the stunners on hand at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts will be the perfect additive to your plan for indulgence.

You are always free to stay in your accommodations with your sexy entertainer, but there are situations where you might want a charmer on your arm when you are out and about, delighting in high-end amusements. Flying solo is much less fun when you are here to live life with zest and remind yourself that you deserve the finer things. In addition to the divine dames listed on our website, there are other ways to cement your status as a VIP throughout the city at acclaimed hotspots. A few of your options for opulence, beyond slating time with a sex kitten, are detailed below.

Bottle Service

/images/escort/audrey/ High-end establishments where alcoholic beverages are served normally offer VIP bottle service. Such places include Vegas strip clubs, nightclubs and dayclubs. Private cabanas are on hand at some of the best party pools in Las Vegas, and while they differ from bottle service at a club, they are upmarket. In regard to upscale clubs, you can make a statement and stand out from the crowd with cozy seating and a private waitress who keeps drinks flowing. If you are out with a hand-selected hottie for a memorable girlfriend experience and wish to show off a bit, you will be well-served by securing some prime seating at a popular venue.

The merits of a high-roller experience speak for themselves, but this is not in everyone’s budget. Before you go, be sure you understand the true cost of VIP bottle service in Vegas.

The actual cost of a bottle at clubs normally ranges between \$300-600. This gets revelers a one-liter bottle of call alcohol. The more popular the club, the more the price will be. Better tables are higher in cost. Holidays and weekends see inflated premiums for bottle service, as do special event dates. Depending on the number of people in your group, you may be required to purchase more than one bottle. Some locations employ a two bottle minimum, regardless of the number of people in the party. The norm is one bottle per three people. And do not think that the purchase price of the bottle is the true and final cost, as that is not the case. Consider the following added charges:

  • Server gratuity, which should be a minimum of 20 percent

  • Optional gratuity to select staff, including table bussers, security and club hosts

  • Sales Tax

If the fees have not scared you away, it is best to book up to two months in advance with the club host at your location of choice. Booking sooner rather than later is the best bet to ensure you get what you want, where you want it. Do not book, and then forget about it until arrival. Contact the host again the day before to confirm.

VIP Tours in Vegas

Does the energy of this dynamic city leave you feeling fancier than all of your fellow tourists pounding the Strip’s pavement on foot? There is a solution for that! Throughout the city, there are tour companies that offer VIP Vegas tours in the form of helicopter excursions and guided limo tours that kick sightseeing up several notches. Helicopter tours are available for greater Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. Some companies offer luxury lounges, enabling white-knuckled fliers to indulge in an adult beverage before taking to the sky.

Limousine tours, or just riding in style to your destination, are available from countless sources. During peak hours, you will want to book in advance and not roll the dice on landing posh transportation. If this is a last-minute choice, you should contact your hotel’s concierge, who should be able to put you in touch with a limo company that can take you where you want to go.

/images/escort/kia/kia2.jpg For those seeking to feel like a baller as soon as they touch down, booking a limo ride from the airport to the hotel is not a bad call. In fact, the cost of the ride will not be much more for a small group than taking a cab is. If you are traveling alone, you may want to do the math first, but if you are here as part of a guy’s weekend, splurge a little to set the stylish tone from the start. A chauffeur waiting for your party with the groom’s last name on a sign is a memorable additive for those hoping to plot an epic Vegas bachelor party weekend.

Voguish Culinary Consumption

Foodies agree that the way to feel at the top of their game is to open up the pocketbook inside of at least one of the eminent eateries in town. There are abundant options, depending on where one’s preferences lie. Countless high-end steak joints cater to manly meat eaters, while cuisine honoring all corners of the globe is on hand any day of the week. One of the great things about this tourist mecca is that good food for all budgets exists. However, those looking for statement-making meals that they will never forget are presented with some rather notable options.

é by José Andrés

The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s third floor is home to é by José Andrés, a small private dining room adjacent to Jaleo’s bar and paella grill. This fancy venue is essentially an exclusive restaurant-within-a-restaurant, and offerings include an inspired tasting menu of Spanish avant-garde dishes. Prices start at $250 per person, with beverage pairings running more. Reserving the 8-seat locale for the night, for a private dinner, starts at $3,000.

Fleur by Hubert Keller

Mandalay Bay’s Fleur restaurant features renowned chef Hubert Keller’s FleurBurger 5000. And, yes, this burger will set you back $5,000, hence the name. However, this rare fare transcends a backyard grilled burger in every aspect. The chi-chi sandwich consists of a seared patty of Wagyu beef, a few slabs of prime foie gras and sliced black truffles. These layered ingredients are nestled on a freshly baked brioche bun. The notable accompaniment is a bottle of 1995 Petrus wine. This particular bottle often sells for over $5,000 in restaurants, so perhaps this less-than-bourgeois burger is a bargain!

Sushi Roku

/images/escort/vonnie/vonnie1.jpg For a mere \$250, discriminating diners can order an off-menu sushi roll at Sushi Roku. This impressive establishment has been a source for high-end sushi in Vegas since 2004, and their High Roller Roll can be requested, but will not be found on the menu. The roll is made with Wagyu (和牛, Wagyū, "Japanese beef"), lobster tail, golden Osetra caviar, tuna, truffle oil, avocado, asparagus and gold leaf. This place is not known for cheap sushi in Vegas, but they do have a delightful mélange of palatable rolls that are not quite as heavy-hitting on the fiscals. We would like to remind you that an outstanding Asian bombshell serves as the perfect accompaniment to dinner at an Asian restaurant, if you are so inclined.

XS Nightclub

After noshing on ritzy solids, an off-the-charts expensive cocktail might be in order. At XS Nightclub, The Five Star drink is a wallet-rattling \$5,000 and is made table-side and served on a gold platter, as it should be for that price tag. This drink is a blend of extraordinarily expensive liquors such as the rare Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23-year bourbon, and a Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 cognac. The concoction also contains Martini Gran Lusso 150th Anniversary, a single-batch red vermouth made with Moscato, and a 500th Anniversary Edition D.O.M. Benedictine called Black Monk, which is an herbal liqueur with a sweet gingerbread finish and copper flecks. Added touches are Angostura Bitters and Peychaud’s Bitters. The mixologist finishes with an orange twist, that is done over a flame, probably for taste, but also for dramatic effect, as a drink of this magnitude must come with an inspired presentation.

While it is fun to dream about bankrolling copious consumption in Vegas over a string of days, it is not realistic for most. Most visitors splurge where they can and conserve in other areas. Single male travelers seeking the ultimate exercise in discretion and exclusivity are often drawn to the prospect of spending quality time with a cultured companion who treats him to a comfortable connection that serves masculine desires well. The ladies of Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts are a swing and a hit in every way. They do not leave discerning men feeling disenchanted. Reach out to us if we can be of service to you in any way. The woman we refer are sophisticated sidekicks who adore treating men to unrivaled VIP treatment.