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Your online search for escort sites led you to Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, and we are glad you are present and accounted for! Thank you for your interest in our red-hot private strippers. You will find no finer assemblage of young ladies than the ravishing wonders profiled here. Our perky and playful sidekicks are the sexiest escorts Vegas has to offer, and one look through the dancers’ profiles here will tell you all you need to know about how dynamic their personalities are. If you would like assistance in learning more about private stripper services, please reach out to us by using our contact form, calling 1-702-300-3000 or emailing [email protected] However, if you remain undecided about where to secure your good time, read on to familiarize yourself with various Vegas escort sites.

As an outcall entertainment referral service, we advocate the use of an agency rather than trusting other escort sites that do not verify listings. But in an effort to educate you on all outlets, we will discuss all types of Vegas escort sites at length so you come to a decision best suited to your personal preferences. Keep in mind, escort sites that allow independent entertainers to advertise usually do not have a steadfast screening process in place. This is a vital factor one must consider when he is setting himself up for a private strip show. If an entity selling ad space is not doing enough, or anything at all, to verify age or a dancer’s commitment to excellent client treatment, how can they be trusted? In most cases, they cannot.

Craigslist and Backpage Las Vegas

Craigslist and Backpage share the distinction of being general online classifieds that have also maintained an adult services section. However, Craigslist restructured on September 4, 2010 and stopped offering adult services advertising altogether. When this section of Craigslist was dissolved, Backpage rose in popularity. Though Backpage has a questionable future, due to ongoing pimping investigations, the site has maintained an adult section that has the following subcategories:

  • Escorts
  • Body Rubs
  • Strippers and Strip Clubs
  • Dom and Fetish
  • TS
  • Male Escorts
  • Phone and Websites
  • Adult Jobs

Backpage escorts in Las Vegas have a place to advertise at the time of this writing, and it is one of the escort sites used by some locals and visitors to locate independent entertainers. Those seeking a female companion must dedicate some thought to how trustworthy Backpage escorts are. What happens too often is that women say they are going to show up, but they do not.

Girls who flake are a disappointment, but when you are only here for a short while, you do not want to run the risk of being stood up. While there are a small number of quality entertainers advertising there, for the most part, top-tier entertainers have sought to distance themselves from the Backpage controversy that stemmed from the pimping investigation.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Attorney General Kamala Harris in Sacramento County Superior Court, Michael Lacey and James Larkin, Backpage’s two controlling shareholders, were charged in September 2016 with conspiracy to commit pimping in connection with their ownership of Backpage. This was due to the lack of a reliable age verification process for anyone advertising adult services on the website, and the suspicion that the company was profiting from the sex trafficking of both children and adults. Currently, the case has yet to be brought to an end, but these charges should not be taken lightly. It is likely that Backpage will, at best, follow Craigslist personal’s lead and stop offering escort ads and the like, since they have failed to only promote licensed and legal entertainers.

Due to the serious nature of the allegations, it is understandable why Backpage can be deemed as the underbelly of Vegas escort sites. Private strippers seeking to maintain an impeccable reputation do not want to be associated with the likes of questionable entertainers. Escort sites that fail to fully screen second party ads cannot in good faith know that entertainers are really age 18 and over, and working independent of a pimp. This is why the merits of Backpage are precarious at best. Esteemed services, such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, always confirms dancers’ ages before showcasing them online, which should be standard.

In addition to a reliable age-verification process, we also evaluate character. We cannot promise the best to our callers if we do not do the legwork required to make sure strippers we refer are well-rounded beauties who excel in all areas. Outgoing, personable natures are a requirement, and we would not do it any other way. Just like other entertainment realms, there is high quality and subpar quality at both ends of the spectrum, and escorting in Sin City is no exception. Allow us to usher you into the preeminent source for the hottest, highest rated escorts in Las Vegas. You will not be disenchanted by the range of ladies profiled here. From teenage strippers who are delectable 18 and 19-year-olds, to our seasoned showstoppers, we have all ages on hand to give you the flavor of eye candy you long to see perform for you at your location.

The Erotic Review

The Erotic Review, or TER, is a website that allows patrons to review adult service providers, including Vegas escorts. The site was created in 1999 by David Elms, and in 2004 it was acquired by Treehouse Park. TER hosts adult industry reviews for many major cities in the United States and beyond, but only paying members have access to full reviews and special search functions that allow one to search entertainers based on physical characteristics. The company sells VIP memberships for $30 per month, $75 for 90 days, or \$250 annually. Those just visiting a city and looking for a private stripper are likely not going to want to tie up their debit or credit card with the business, so if you are looking for a private stripper in Vegas and have never utilized TER in the past, doing so while on vacation comes across as too costly and bothersome.

Non-paying members can read portions of reviews and access discussion boards, but the information accessible to those with free memberships is very limited and not totally useful, especially when time is a consideration, such as when one is in town for business or pleasure. On the website, 30-day VIP memberships can be obtained for free, provided users contribute two published reviews per month. This does not help anyone who is seeking to use the full site features while on a trip. Before you pony up the cash for a TER VIP membership, or try to attain free full access for 30 days, keep in mind that not all reviews are published, so simply submitting two reviews is not necessarily going to yield a free 30-day VIP membership.

TER claims to work toward authenticating reviews, and tossing questionable ones, but there is still room for error. Especially in the event that a miscommunication has occurred, and a client feels slighted for whatever reason. Sometimes personalities just do not mesh, and a woman’s private strip show falls short of what a man had in mind, despite the fact she has done nothing intentional to fall short of expectations. At Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, we recognize that sometimes two great people are simply not a good match. If your private stripper lacks a certain flair, and you think you might be better suited with another dancer, all you have to do is call and have us send another performer.

Your satisfaction is top priority, and we do what it takes to make you glad to have called. Stunners listed here are so outstanding, chances are you are going to find an entertainer who is exactly the sort of beauty you have in mind. You are free to read dancer bios to select the characteristics you deem most important. From a bookish coed, to a full-figured phenom, you should have no trouble finding the ideal redhead, brunette or blonde Vegas escort.

If you are seeking a private stripper in Las Vegas, chances are, you do not want to be required to join a website such as TER to obtain trustworthy recommendations. If you are looking for an endorsed dancer, you can rely on our guidance. Nowhere else will you find such a captivating collection of ladies who wow on every level. Their sensuality is palpable, and their charisma lingers in the minds of the men they meet. When a woman comes to us to find out how to become a stripper, we go to great lengths to ensure her background and outlook are in line with what we deem key to being a dazzling entertainer. Wallflowers need not apply, because we know that our clients want the stand-out sort of girl who wows in every situation.

Las Vegas Eros

Available in hundreds of locations worldwide, Eros is one of the escort advertising mediums that has a presence here as well. On the site, you will find independent Vegas escort listings that feature entertainers of varied persuasions, including transsexual strippers. Generally, you will find higher rated Vegas escorts on Eros than you will on Backpage, as the website is more upscale and tends to attract the upper echelon of independent girls. The most expensive Vegas escorts normally maintain their own website, but many can be found on Eros as well. Such ladies are in high demand, and fees for their time reflect this. While many men are attracted to exclusivity, most hope for the total package without shelling out a king’s ransom.

At Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, we cater to gentleman with excellent taste who want a super-sized serving of sensuality without paying a premium. When you select one of the flawless private strippers on display on our website, trust they are every bit as sexy and personable as the most expensive Vegas escorts. The biggest difference is that fees for their time are not as spendy as entertainers who promote themselves independently. One of the factors, beyond a higher cost, men must consider about independent strippers, is that their schedules are often prohibitive. That means if you are only here for a short time, you may engage in a few emails, only to ultimately be let down by not getting to meet your intended dancer due to scheduling conflicts.

When you reach out to us at 1-702-300-3000, or email [email protected], we are able to tell you instantly if the woman who caught your eye is available on your schedule. Chances are, she will be, but if she is not, we are able to recommend someone with the same, or nearly the same, traits. Save time and frustration by allowing us to facilitate your rousing and discreet show. We are in the business of bestowing pleasure, and from the moment you make contact, we get to work taking care of your innermost wants. There is no reason to miss out on the fantasy exploration you crave when we have a bevy of beautiful and outgoing private strippers eager to please. We are here 24 hours per day, seven days per week. There is no time of day or night we cannot assist you in blueprinting your amazing escape.

Escort Sites for Vegas Bachelor Parties

Vegas bachelor party strippers are a standard additive to a guy’s send-off into marital bliss. If you are looking for stag party entertainment, you are in the right place. Treat the man of the hour to an in-suite show so wild and memorable, his gratitude will be eternal. When you invite one or more of the bombshells listed in our profiles to your location, prepare to be stunned by their playful inventiveness. Make requests to have the dancers dress to complement a theme, or leave the debauchery details all up to them. The best part about private strippers for Vegas bachelor parties is that the fun exceeds what is on hand at strip joints because our dancers are not going to be scanning the room, anticipating their next lap dance.

Bunnies’ dancers will not rush your gang, and they can even serve as topless servers for any occasion, including private parties and affairs centered on sporting events or anything else that has brought you and your crew to this neon paradise. At Vegas strip clubs, the hottest women work later shifts. At Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, you are free to reserve time with private dancers who are perfect tens, and the time of day you call makes no difference to the degree of beauty to be unearthed! Just give us a shot to fit the bill for your private stripper needs, and we will make the magic happen. One common question we receive comes from men who wonder if they can lodge a request for more than one performer, even if they are alone. The answer to this is always an enthusiastic yes! You are free to fill your room to the gills with hot girls, just ask for what you want, and watch your vision play out in vivid detail.

Vegas GFE Escort Sites

Just as some guys are seeking multiple lookers to fill their lair, select men seek a more intimate encounter with their companion, and this is commonly referred to as a girlfriend experience, or GFE. During such a date, you are free to enjoy time out in the city with your lovely selection. Go to one of the popular Vegas restaurants, catch a show or simply stroll the Strip to show off your poised and effervescent sidekick. If you have a professional or social obligation and do not wish to attend alone, invite a date to come along, and only you and she will be privy to the secret of how you met. With the profusion of online dating and phone apps designed to bring people together, taking a Vegas escort out on a date for an unforgettable evening is pretty much in tune with the many ways strangers meet online today. There are no better GFE Vegas escorts than our dames who are sensitive to a man’s desire to feel powerful and prized. A perfect ten who pampers you, then later unleashes her passionate side during your private strip show, proves to be a perfect addition to any Sin City jaunt.

You may have looked on other escort sites to uncover a darling who advertises as specializing in Vegas GFE, but the issue with this is that you have to take her claim at face value. If you request a meeting with an independent GFE provider in Las Vegas, you have no recourse if she is less than you expected. She may not show up looking as you assumed she would, and this is a big deal if you intend to show her off in public, but her state of dress turns you off. Also, think about what you will do if her demeanor disappoints. As stated, we send a second stunner if there is any question about your entertainer being a good fit for you. But our ladies are well-screened, so you can expect the sweetheart you choose from Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts to be the sort of girl you would be proud to have on your arm, no matter how high-toned the plan for the night is.

The best part is you are able to be out and about with your selection, while anticipating your private strip show later in your room. There is nothing better than the allure of anticipation for an erotic striptease with a girl most men only dream about. Save average for other cities. When you are staying and playing here, there are no limits to the color you can invite into your world. We feature exotic escorts, in the form of women from all over the globe. Does a sexy, throaty accent turn you on? Or is it caramel skin and dangerous curves possessed by some of the show-stopping ebony dancers we refer? Take a long look at the profiles here, then lodge a request as soon as you locate the girl who makes your pulse quicken.

There are plenty of escort sites for you to consider, but with luck, you have recognized that utilizing a trusted Vegas escort service is the premier means of getting what you want. Just as there are many escort sites, there are also many services in town. We are proud to be one of the most esteemed in the city. We service only the Las Vegas area, so you can be certain we are the blue-ribbon choice when you want a night to remember long after you have departed this marvelous metropolis. There is only one shot for you to get the next few hours right, and we would be honored to be your partner in pleasure.

If you would like to submit a query or request, feel free to email [email protected] or use our web form, and we will be in touch shortly. For the fastest response, call 1-702-300-3000. Asking a question puts you under no obligation to invite a special someone to your accommodations. If you are still uncertain, take another look at the escort profiles found here. Sometimes looking at the menu reminds you what you are hungry for! Pretty girls dot the Strip, but if you are intent on securing time with one such hottie, allow us to provide a fast introduction. Ladies found here are a cut above the rest and are eager to make the acquaintance of a man just like you. The only thing required from you is a willingness to let go and live life out loud for as long as you’d like.