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Brothels in Nevada

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Brothels in Nevada

You are in good company if you are a male currently in Las Vegas, or arranging a visit, and find yourself more than a little curious about brothels in Nevada. The thought of visiting such an establishment excites many who cannot wait to immerse themselves in the unrestrained environ of America’s Adult Playground. Before you picture yourself a short cab ride away from legal brothels in Las Vegas, familiarize yourself with the facts about such places. Most falsely believe there are brothels on the Strip, and this is not the case. Knowing what to expect about a Vegas brothel experience prevents any unpleasant surprises and assists in planning a journey to the rural areas in which they are located.

Before we touch on specifics, it is worth mentioning that as one of the leading escort services in Las Vegas, our services differ from what is on hand at Nevada brothels. Private stripper services from Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts are another sort of adult entertainment that most men find a superior alternative to visiting a brothel in Nevada because of the convenience, class and certainty regarding discretion. After reading more about brothels Las Vegas area counties are home to, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions via our contact form, email: [email protected] or by phone at 702-300-3000. Calling to pose a question puts you under no obligation to reserve the services of a private dancer.

History of Brothels in Nevada

The operation of cathouses has been allowed in our state since the middle of the 19th century, though not explicitly legal until 1971. Before this, many establishments were shut down after being deemed public nuisances. When Joe Conforte took over Storey County’s Mustang Bridge Ranch in 1967, it would soon become the first ever to be licensed. Along with his wife, Sally Burgess Conforte, Joe Conforte had run other similar businesses since the mid-50s. The couple converted the establishment from four double-wide trailers, to a single permanent structure with fifty-four bedrooms. Under the couple’s ownership, the bordello’s name was changed to Mustang Ranch. At 166 acres, it became Nevada’s largest brothel and also the most successful.

Joe proved to be influential with Storey County officials when lobbying for the passing of a brothel-licensing ordinance. In 1971, Mustang Ranch became the first licensed brothel in Nevada. After the licensing in Storey County, other sectors soon followed. Once the Nevada Supreme Court upheld the right of a county to legalize the world’s oldest profession, other counties were on board, to a mixed reaction from locals. Today, Nevada consents to counties with a population of under 700,000 to operate bordellos. This excludes Clark County, which is why searching for brothels in Las Vegas yields no results.

Many tourists believe the trek to a Las Vegas brothel will be a simple one, but the fact is, the closest is approximately an hour away. History buffs can still visit Mustang Ranch, but should know it is not one of the brothels close to Las Vegas. Mustang Ranch is in northern Nevada, about fifteen minutes from Reno’s downtown area. Reno is roughly a 430 mile one-way trip from Las Vegas. The Confortes no longer run Mustang Ranch, as it was forfeited to the federal government in 1999 when Joe was convicted of tax fraud and racketeering. In 2005, it reopened under new proprietorship, in a new location, about five miles east of the original site.

Other Popular Brothels

In Nevada brothel owners operate pretty much the same way, with little difference among them. Some are small in square footage compared to the largest spots. Not all allow guests who are under 21 years of age, so if this describes your age group, check for any age restrictions. Listed below are a few of the most popular locations’ distinctions, most of which include varied appearances in pop culture.

Chicken Ranch Sundance’s Pleasure for Sale is a six-part documentary series that detailed life on the Chicken Ranch and the relationships among workers. In the early 80s, the house was also the focus of Nick Broomfield’s documentary titled Chicken Ranch

Moonlight Bunny Ranch Dennis Hof’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch, in Carson City, was the location featured in HBO’s now-canceled series, Cathouse. The Bunny Ranch is not the only Carson City brothel owned by Hof, as he also operates the extraterrestrial-themed Alien Cathouse, among others located in Nye County.

Sheri’s Ranch Owned by retired Chicago homicide detective, Chuck Lee, Sheri’s Ranch is in Pahrump, in Nye County, Nevada. Sheri’s Ranch was featured in the Gene Simmons A&E show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Also, the location was seen on the BBC series Panorama.

Know Before You Go

Perhaps glorified depictions in movies and HBO’s Cathouse series have piqued your curiosity, and you seek to throw caution to the wind and begin the expensive trek to one of the brothels in Nevada. First of all, note the use of the word expensive. Yes, these establishments are costly, so do not let free rides to the locations mislead you into thinking they are budget-friendly. Brothels near the Strip, which are all at least an hour away, promise a confidential round trip. Of course, the costs are reflected in time spent with any of the females on hand. Keep in mind, you will ride in style, but you will not necessarily be the sole passenger. Depending on the co-passengers, this could make for an uncomfortable, awkward commute.

If you take the high-priced cab ride to a Vegas area brothel, the cab driver most likely will receive a cut of the entertainer’s take. The closest brothels to Vegas are in Pahrump, and there are only two located in town, so cabbies are incentivized by each to direct customers their way. However, when you get there, make sure you have a promised way back, and research cab fares before obligating yourself to the high costs of the lengthy round trip. Once you arrive, you are free to indulge in a drink in a bar, or common area. If you’d rather, you can request a lineup, which takes place in a designated parlor.

A lineup entails the women essentially lining up to give men a look, as the available paramours vie to be a customer’s selection. The process is impersonal, but for a very small number of men, that is part of the allure. Just hanging out in the bar, getting to know the ladies, is a superior way to set up a semblance of romance, especially if you are there for a girlfriend experience. Most courtesans who have given interviews about their profession have reported feeling objectified during lineups. This makes sense, but it is, of course, part of the gig.

New York Times op-ed columnist Bob Herbert said it best when he wrote, “A grotesque exercise in the dehumanization of women is carried out routinely at . . . a legal brothel about an hour’s ride outside of Vegas. There the women have to respond like Pavlov’s dog to an electronic bell that might ring at any hour of the day or night.” The bell he refers to is the bell indicating to the available girls that they must line up. Herbert goes on to describe how the girls have but five minutes to reach an assembly area, where they line up to submit themselves to inspection. Even though this is one of the astringent requirements placed on the working girls, it is easy to imagine the contempt they develop toward these frequent lineups.

How Much Do Bordellos Cost?

Girls who command the highest dollars can afford to be more selective, and at times, they set prices high for men they find unappealing, in hopes the inflated asking price will deter them. It goes without saying how frustrating this could be from a buyer’s perspective. Keep in mind that making a good impression could mean you do not get hit with an escalated quote. Look good, be clean, and above all else, be respectful. Despite their career choice, women working inside these businesses are deserving of respect and are not there to be repositories for ill-mannered behavior. Unsavory conduct usually gets patrons ousted.

That is not to say you cannot use courtesans as a sounding board. With the money these ladies command, they never balk about serving as a sympathetic listener! In fact, they welcome and encourage any interaction that limits physical contact. That is part of the hustle for many of the enterprising women in residence. If you visit, make sure you are aware of the clock, and if you are having fun, expect to be tempted to extend your session. Just do not go over what your finances allow. There is no denying that the girls are mostly attractive, so it might be tempting to squander more money than you planned when you are in the moment.

If you are quoted a dollar amount for what you wish to receive, do not haggle. Doing so is in poor taste, but more importantly, it is ineffective. There is nothing a man can say or do when he is a first-time customer to help reduce the sticker shock. Establishing oneself as a regular might result in a discounted fee, but the chances are slim to none. Expecting to effectively bargain is foolish, as the practice is frowned upon. You do not want to offend anyone or embarrass yourself, so go with the flow, but do not feel obligated if the fees presented to you are more than you can comfortably handle. While it is in poor taste to negotiate, saying no, if the cost is too steep, is acceptable.

Frugal gents, you will not be given prices if you ask in advance. There are no fee schedules on company websites, and calling to inquire yields no results. The reason for this is because the women working are independent contractors and are free to set their own prices. They do not keep the entire fee, so the costs are hefty. Some reports have stated that fees can be as high as a few hundred for a half hour. Minimums run anywhere from $150-300 for 30 minutes. The arrangement the girls have with facility owners is that they pay for room and board per day. They also pay for all required licensing and medical testing.

Merits of Nevada Brothels

Yes, visiting brothels in Nevada is costly. Not sometimes, but all the time. That is simply the nature of the beast, due to the price they can command, thanks to the liberal legalities. If you are aware of this, and are not inclined to balk at the cost, there are some upsides to visiting. First of all, health matters are taken very seriously. In fact, whenever a worker leaves the facility for more than 24 hours, she must pay to be tested for STIs again. This is why the business model works so well for owners and contractors. The girls do tours, which are normally around two weeks long. They live their everyday life at home, then pack up to take up residence at the location and stay there, working 12-hour shifts for the duration of their stay. Leaving the property is not viewed as favorable by management, so the ladies typically remain on-site for the entire tour.

The medical aspect being taken so seriously gives visitors peace of mind, so the strict mandates definitely are at the top of the list as far as plusses are concerned. Licensed Vegas escorts are also held to standards that numerous independent Vegas entertainers choose to bypass. If you are on the fence about visiting one of the Nevada brothels, and are considering local stripper services, rest assured, all of the knockouts profiled at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts are licensed and adhere to all standards set by the state and city. Regulations in Nevada are rightfully enforced to protect those working in all adult entertainment realms and the clients they meet. This is why we continually remind visitors about the perils associated with locating escorts on Backpage, Craigslist, Eros and other escort finder sites. Most women advertising on these platforms are not in possession of proper licensing, though some are.

Another favorable aspect is the bar area found in most Nevada bordellos. This relatively relaxed environment allows men to socialize with the ladies before making a selection, should he forgo the lineup offer. However, not all men are comfortable bellying up to the bar with others who are indubitably there for the obvious reasons. Small talk with other patrons may not come naturally, but one is there to meet the girls, so that may not be a consideration. For a healthy dose of flirting with scantily clad women, hanging out in the lounge could prove to be exciting. If you wish to simply sit at the bar, this should be an okay thing to do. Expect the women’s attention to differ once they know they do not have a shot at becoming acquainted with your credit card. Some men opt to tour the place just for fun. This is allowed, but you may want to have your own transportation if this is your motivation, because a timely ride back to the city may not be a certainty if you have only purchased drinks. Check with your location of choice before planning a visit, to ensure there are no restrictions on transportation services.

Bachelor Parties and Special Requests

Those planning a Vegas bachelor party should recognize that a brothel excursion is usually not a good call for such an occasion. The only instance where it is worth adding to the itinerary is if the group is small and everyone is truly on board. If your stag celebration includes several revelers, you do not want to squander a guest’s time if he has zero interest in making the trek from Vegas to Pahrump. The trip is a long one, and if there is anyone in your party who has no interest in dropping that sort of cash, why create a situation where he either has to reluctantly tag along, or stay back and miss precious hours of an already short weekend? You can ask one of the girls to strip for the crowd, and your selection will probably be excited to do so, but keep in mind, the cost is going to be significantly more than if you rely on Vegas escorts for your bachelor party entertainment.

If you want to take a sexy approach to Vegas bachelor party planning, you will find private stripper services to outshine other options, including heading to Vegas strip clubs. Should you rely on Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts for party planning, you can lay out requirements, to fully customize the presentation for the husband-to-be. Our array of talented entertainers is expressive, gorgeous and professional. They have ample experience serving as private strippers, so they excel at involving the whole party to the degree they want to partake. The best part is, you do not have to depart the city or your suite to make it happen. We always accommodate short-notice requests, but if you have your heart set on specific details, giving us a call in advance allows us more time to tend to the particulars to perfection. From MILF hotties, to cuddly coeds, we have dancers on hand to make Vegas bachelor parties epic. Contact us with any questions or to make a reservation.

One common question about escort services in Vegas and Nevada brothels, is whether or not special requests are accommodated. The answer is yes, usually. From living out select BDSM fantasies, to meeting dancers for couples, one can usually find what he seeks. One thing that separates Vegas escorts profiled here and cathouse girls is the fact that our entertainers can more readily accommodate wardrobe requests for private stripper shows. This is because they are not on tour, and this is a huge factor. Imagine if, out of any given month, you lived and worked at your place of employment, with little recreation to keep you feeling grounded. A select number of women met at Nevada brothels are mothers, wives or girlfriends, and by the end of their tour, they are preoccupied with thoughts of home and how much they cannot wait for their current stint to conclude.

When a Bunnies bombshell arrives to a date, she emerges from her fulfilling everyday life. Perhaps she has just gotten in a good workout at the gym, or lunched with a friend. She presents herself at a man’s door feeling enlivened because she sets her own hours and does not schedule herself for more hours than she can successfully put forth. Demanding 12-hour shifts are not something our dancers experience because it is impossible for anyone to be at their best toward the end of a 12-hour stretch. Even our teen sidekicks, who are mostly all enrolled in college, seem to shine best when they are under academic pressure. When final exams roll around, these youthful strippers welcome the diversion when they are invited to be a man’s sexy distraction. Showing a guy a good time normally proves to be exactly the sort of break they crave, and their need to unleash through performing is a man’s gain!

Sexiest Adult Las Vegas Attractions

Should you be on the fence about visiting any of the brothels close to Las Vegas, we encourage you to give us a call instead. When you have a woman visit you in the comfort and privacy of your home or hotel, you can set the tone for how the night plays out. Imagine a scintillating young miss arriving to your door, ready to treat you to uncensored views of her inviting body. Revel in the classy twist one of the babes showcased here puts on the encounter. You can have a sweetheart assist you in living the dream, without having to travel outside of the city. Fantasy comes in many forms, and the lovely female escorts indexed here treat men from all over the world to the finest in adult diversions.

When you work with a top-tier agency, such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, expect to be quite impressed and satisfied after a stunner has shown you how to have the most fun in this outrageous city. Despite the fact that shows from Vegas escorts differ from brothels, we are here to suggest the privacy of what we have to offer upstages what one finds at a bordello. When you meet someone new, do you want it to be in a ranch type setting, or on your own turf, where you are instrumental in dictating how the evening progresses as she dances for you? If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, no matter how large or small you deem your request, please reach out to us.