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Most men have a type, and a common like among men is the athletic female form. A tight, toned body is an amazing visual, but there are other merits accompanying a young miss who keeps herself trim. Athletic women take care of themselves and take pride in their appearance. They know that putting in the effort to maintain their wellness is vital for healthy living, and they are not lazy or unmotivated. At Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, we have an impressive array of stunners on hand to keep you company, and some of the sexiest luxury companions are highly athletic and consider sports and fitness to be a major priority in their lives.

Familiarize yourself with some of our most delicious dames who also happen to be sporty and in pristine shape. If you like what you read about any of these bombshells, turn to the personal bio page for additional information. Then, if you are still intrigued, go ahead and put forth an invitation to your room. You will not regret summonsing a svelte sweetheart to your lair. Soft, taut skin, pretty faces and dynamic personalities possessed by our fit foxes are just a few of the endearing qualities that will have you coming back for more! Some of the most winsome women in the city can be unearthed here. There is no need to look any further.

Flaxen-Haired Fitness Fanatic

/images/escort/gucci/gucci1.jpg Flaxen-haired heartbreaker Gucci is one of the hottest blonde escorts in Vegas. She hits the gym five days a week, paying special attention to keeping her stunning tush in fine form! She credits a surplus of leg curls and squats for her great booty, and if you have seen her photos, you know that her entire body is perfection. Creative Gucci enjoys a wide array of activities, but one thing can be said with certainty: this knockout loves her job! She caters to any sort of penchant, including indulging those who are into detailed kinks and fetishes. Gucci has no issue with playing the role you seek to fill.

Another area of her expertise is meeting with twosomes. Gucci loves working with those seeking Vegas escorts for couples because she has a fondness for the female form and works so well with those who are seeking to add something new to their intimacy itinerary. There is no finer adult adventure for couples than to arrange for a private show in their room. Personable Gucci certainly excels in this area! She can bring out the best in a timid female, making certain everyone in the room has an amazing encounter.

Goddess Groomed for Endurance

Avid cyclist Amie is a hottie with a body that does not quit. She loves cycling and spends a bulk of her free time on the bike, pushing her limits and exceeding her personal bests. She enters bike races all over the West Coast, and while she looks great in her cycling apparel, she looks even hotter all dressed up for a night out with a new friend! This dark-haired doll is not afraid to break a sweat, but she is also endowed with an enchanting feminine side that makes her a top-tier Vegas GFE provider.

Perky and playful Amie considers herself to be the Energizer Bunny of Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, and that is not a poor assessment! She is teeming with energy every day and is a total charmer when she meets someone new. Despite her jaw-dropping great looks, there is nothing pretentious about Amie. She is as relatable as she is ravishing. Give us a call to invite Amie to your room for a sexy show, or take a look at any of our other multifaceted brunette playmates to ensure you have the sort of experience you have been longing for.

Well-Built, Able-Bodied Gingers

Those who meet Katie, a sensuous and trim ginger, do not easily forget her appeal. As a celebrated fitness model, she has graced the pages of many fitness and men’s magazines since she turned 18. Her striking auburn hair and fair skin lend to her sweet look, and perfect breasts and a slender waist round out her fit appearance. She is such a healthy girl, always eating organic fare and treating herself to body-enriching beauty treatments. Adorable Katie looks younger than her 21 years, and she enjoys indulging role-play fantasies. She is never dull and continually ushers men into upscale encounters in the privacy of their room.

/images/escort/abby/abby2.jpgA hot redhead Vegas escort with a bit more up top is the mesmerizing fashionista Abby. This babe has a bodacious pair of fleshy breasts and toned legs that are always set off by a pair of designer heels. She is habitually dressed to impress and even dons heels for trips to the market! She is a girly girl who takes pride in her outward appearance. Astute Abby is well-read and quite busy, as she maintains a mainstream career, in addition to her work as one of the most impassioned escorts in Vegas. For this reason, she is not always on hand, so if you hope to meet Abby, let’s get something set up right away. If your lust lies with red-haired ladies, you would be remiss to not become acquainted with Abby!

Dark-Skinned Delights

/images/escort/sammi/sammi2.jpg Ebony escorts in Las Vegas are not a rare find, for the most part, but girls as awesome as Sammi are quite elusive! She is one of the steamy black sirens among our collection of ladies, and dancing is her verb. This sweetie breaks a sweat when she hits the clubs to dance the night away with her gal pals. Her long legs, tight tummy and green eyes are her most memorable outward distinctions, but her bubbly personality is her dearest quality. Sensational Sammi has such a sultry voice and has a marvelous mélange of bedroom talk at the ready, to enhance her performance.

If a spirited teenage honey is more your speed, the ebony teen temptress Ayana is equipped to rock your world. Her body is naturally svelte, and her natural tits are amazing. She is overrun with energy and zest. She is only 19 years old and has a perfectly sculpted 5’7 frame that was built to issue pleasure. Beguiling Anaya likes to note how sexy her feet are, and she loves to seductively roll sheer knee-high nylons down her calves when sharing moments with a guy who harbors a fondness for feet.

Athletic Asian Vegas Escorts

/images/escort/li/li6.jpg Swimming and yoga keep Asian sensation Li in fantastic shape. She is absolutely dedicated to keeping herself in fab form, meaning her hard work is your pleasure! At 5’1 and around 100 pounds, this sensual spinner does everything she can to make a man feel fully satisfied. She goes to great lengths to be worthy of a man’s attention. She describes herself as being a tidal pool of surprises and thinks of herself as mysterious and deep, much like a geisha. Would you like to see Li in authentic geisha attire? She is a fan of dressing up and playing the part. Her traditional beliefs make her a genuine good time for those who are seeking a submissive sidekick to facilitate an in-room escape.

No matter what body type attracts you the most, you will find your favorite flavor among our ranks of alluring angels. From the most athletic escorts Vegas has to offer, to robust BBW entertainers, we have a surplus of sexy silhouettes on display among our dancers’ profiles. If you have a specialized vision, give us a call, and we will assist you in making your clandestine show something to remember. You only have a certain amount of time to make the most of this Sin City jaunt, and a beautiful lady complements your stay unlike any other indulgence.